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Victaulic helps train tomorrow’s building engineering services installers

Construction, built environment and plumbing students at Barking and Dagenham College are learning about grooved-end pipe-joining techniques and improving their job prospects. A leading manufacturer, Victaulic, supplied a hydraulic grooving machine and all the pipe and fittings needed to run a short course, and support college staff. Around 150 students will follow the programme, and some have already been taken on by major contractors. Instructor Jim Alder said: ‘With Victaulic’s input we’ve put on something that’s cost-effective for the college and useful for students.’ l For more information visit

Wilo-Stratos GIGA – helping specifiers meet tomorrow’s environmental targets today

Wilo has launched the Wilo-Stratos GIGA here in the UK. It’s another highly efficient pump product – the first high-efficiency glanded pump – and it’s targeted specifically at the building services and industry sectors. The Wilo-Stratos GIGA offers building designers, specifiers and architects the chance to easily optimise the energy costs and environmental balance of a building or industrial complex. With its hydraulic output and specification, the new Wilo-Stratos GIGA is ideal for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. l For more information visit

New HWAM stove range from Euroheat Wood biomass solutions provider, Euroheat, has introduced a selection of stoves to its HWAM range. The 3100s are modern in design and extremely energy efficient, providing an attractive centrepiece to a room, which can also contribute to reducing gas bills. Elliptical, with a side-hinged door and outer glass frame, HWAM’s new stoves are available in two sizes: the 3110, which can be hung on the wall or installed on the floor; and the 3120, which is slightly taller and freestanding. l For more information visit

Dimming of luminaires with ABB KNX universal dimmers i-bus KNX universal dimmers from ABB were voted Product of the Year in the KNX UK Association annual awards. According to the model, they feature a phase control or phase-angle control that can be set to suit the lighting load. Incandescent and fluorescent lamps can be dimmed using the universal dim actuators via a phase-angle control. LV halogen lamps with conventional transformers are also dimmed using phase control, while those with electronic transformers are dimmed using phase angle control. l For more information call 0845 869 5908 or visit

66 CIBSE Journal February 2012

Remeha Quinta Eco Plus: a revolutionary commercial heating and hot water system from the pioneers of condensing boiler technology New from Remeha Commercial is the ‘super condensing’ Quinta Eco Plus, a revolutionary commercial heating and hot water system that delivers outstanding energy efficiencies and significant carbon and financial savings in an affordable, replicable solution. The Quinta Eco Plus consists of the market-leading Remeha Quinta Pro commercial condensing boiler and the Eco Plus, a Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device developed by Remeha and Zenex Technologies. The Eco Plus recovers waste energy equivalent to around 15% of the gross input, passing it back into the heating system, to radiators, UFH or DHW. The Quinta Eco Plus achieves maximum condensing at all times, offering a new level of attainable efficiency of 97% GVC at 82/71°C for buildings. The Quinta Eco Plus is pre-plumbed and configured within a rigid mobile frame for ease of installation. With its compact, modular design, it meets the individual requirements of existing and new buildings. l For more information call 0118 978 3434 or visit

Dimplex heat pump gives green energy to old battery On a spectacular headland overlooking the Isle of Wight’s famous lighthouse, the Needles Old Battery has been at the forefront of technological development for nearly 150 years. So when it came to installing a new heating system to meet 21st century energy efficiency requirements, the National Trust, which owns the site, opted for an air source heat pump from Dimplex. The LI 16 TE air source unit provides heating and domestic hot water for the visitor tearoom and National Trust offices at the popular visitor attraction. l For more information call 0845 601 5111 or visit

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