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Cebeo achieves better results with less working capital

Cebeo, part of Sonepar, is the market leader in Belgium for the distribution of electro technical material. What started as a small family business, Cebeo has now become one of the biggest dis- tributors with an annual turnover over €330 million. Due to the continuous growth it became difficult to determine the optimum balance between working capital and service levels. Their current ERP system offered insufficient flexibility to calculate the purchase advice and opti- mal inventory on each article level. After an extended evaluation period, the decision to select Slimstock’s Slim4 system was unanimous.

“Slim4 gave us a 15% inventory reduction inside 6 months”

Slim4 ensured that Cebeo’s inventory reduction goal was realized. In addition to this, the availability of the product assortment increased simultaneously. Patrick

Verougstraete, Logistic Director

explains: “From our central Warehouse, and our other 27 locations, we deliver 15,000 order lines each day in the area off lighting, electrical technical equipment, cables and consumer electrics. It’s our aspiration to deliver as many product lines as possible directly from stock. Our promise is to deliver all our purchase orders the next day if we received the order before 19.00 pm. Slim4 assists us in doing so.”

“Prior to Slim4 we were using functionality within our ERP system; we missed the flexibility to manage our growth in a correct way without increases inventory. It’s very

important for us to find a better balance between working capital and customer satisfaction. Our previous systems worked with a min-max system; that was not enough for us. It’s our aspiration to look for new challenges each time and Slim4 lived up our expectations. We were looking for a system which automatically calculates trends, seasonality and order advice. Most preferable in a user friendly environment where forecast is integrated with Inventory Management.”

Comparative research Verougstraete: “Based on extended research we looked at several potential vendors and software. The result of this comparative research is that Slim4 is the best. Not only did software exceed all of our requirements they offered us the possibility to test the software extensively in practice. One of

our major objectives during the 6 month test period off was reducing stock by 15% without further reducing our service level. In addition to this, it was important that Slim4 was accepted by our users. Without the commitment of our users such a project is not realizable. All our users were very happy after just a few weeks. The software was very user friendly and where necessary we could use the professional helpdesk of Slimstock. The questions were answered directly and adequately.”

The result: the acceptation of Slim4 by our users, the quality of the helpdesk and trainers of Slimstock, were reasons enough for Verougstraete to implement Slim4 throughout the whole company and roll out to all shops.

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