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School board meets to discuss Realignment, Closure Committee’s new recommendations

By Ashley Mackin SDUN Editor

At a Board of Education meeting on Nov. 29, the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Board reviewed the first set of recommendations from the school Realignment/ Closure Committee.

In an initial plan, which was

presented to community mem- bers and parents in early Octo- ber, approximately 10 schools were slated for closure for a $5 million savings. Franklin Elementary School in Kensing- ton was included on the list. At the Nov. 29 meeting, SDUSD Deputy Superinten- dent of Business Phil Stover gave a presentation outlining the new recommendations, which focus primarily on the realignment and consolidation of five schools, as opposed to closures. The presenta- tion and following discussion were presented as information items only, and no decision was made at the meeting. Stover explained the pur- pose was to “give you some further information [and] con- cepts about the five recommen- dations that we have and for [the Board] to ask questions.” Stover continued to

explain that cost savings was no longer the primary factor in how the committee came to these recommendations. “The

shift of these recommenda- tions has changed from being primarily driven by cost and cost savings to being driven by recommendations that we believe will provide a bet- ter opportunity for students academically to learn,” Stover said, “both from a…breadth of curricular perspective and… from a facilities perspective.” Stover added that certain rec- ommendation have a cost sav- ings as a part of the proposal. One of the recommenda- tions was to consolidate the San Diego High School of Communications with San Diego High School of Science and Technology.

San Diego High School

currently has six sub schools with individual themes housed in one complex located at 1405 Park Blvd. next to Balboa Park. The consolidation would provide an approximate sav- ing of $90,000, according to a SDUSD sales team analysis. Another recommendation

read at the meeting was to consolidate the four schools in the Crawford High Educa- tion Complex, located at 4191 Colts Way, outside of Tal- madge, into one school with four pathways.

The schools include the School of Community Health and Medical Practices; Inven- tion and Design Educational Academy; School of Law and

Business; and Multimedia and Visual Arts School. The pathways at the unified school would replicate the separate schools in their programs. The sales team analysis estimated a $370,000 saving from this consolidation. The following are the three

remaining recommendations listed in Stover’s presenta- tion, as it was presented to the Board: “Close the Barnard campus-predicated on the iden- tification of a larger site in bet- ter condition that will enable the Mandarin Immersion Pro- gram growth to a Pacific Rim Language Academy,” “Change the grade level configuration of Lincoln cluster K-6 schools to K-5 to support articulation with Knox and [Millennial Tech] middle schools,” “Consolida- tion of Pacific Beach Middle and Mission Bay High schools into a 6-12 grade Imperial Beach Academy.” The decision regarding

these recommendations will be made at a Dec. 13 meeting at 5 p.m. at 4100 Normal St. For more information, visit School Board member

Richard Barrera emphasized the importance of coming to a deci- sion at the Dec. 13 meeting. “We can’t just leave these schools sitting without any clarity about what their future is in this dis- trict,” he said.u


San Diego Uptown News | Dec. 9–Dec. 22, 2011 FROM PAGE 1


last year included Candy Cane Cosmopolitans, creamy egg- nog and Scroogedrivers. Each participating boutique will have its own bartender creat- ing cocktails in the store. Participants in the cocktail

Baja Betty’s will be participating in Taste ‘N’ Tinis (Photo by HBIA)

The Wine Lover and Osteria Origano, among others. The boutiques will also offer compli- mentary gift-wrapping for gifts purchased at their location. The participating boutiques

are: Beauty Lounge, Buffalo Exchange, Cohabitat, Cathe- dral, Flashbacks, Green Fresh Florals, House Boi, Mankind, Pretty Please, Pure Boutique, The Village Hat Shop, Twirl and Urban Outfitters. Amy Henderson, manager of Flashbacks in Hillcrest said the store participates in Taste ‘N’ Tinis every year because, “it brings the community togeth- er.” She added, “A lot of people that wouldn’t necessarily come out to Hillcrest do come out here, so that’s always nice…. It shows that we have a lot of stores and we do have a lot of cool boutiques and restaurants for them to come and explore.” Tickets for this event are $20 in advance and $25 on the day of the event, and are avail- able at House Boi and Urban Outfitters, as well as Baja Betty’s, The Range Kitchen & Cocktails, Wine Steals, and online at Some of the cocktails from

portion of this event must be 21 years or older and have a valid ID. Julie Elliott, manager of Buf- falo Exchange in Hillcrest, said they enjoy and participate in the Taste ‘N’ Tinis because it gives them an opportunity to involve themselves in the community. “It’s really great for our business. We get a lot of new customers that have never shopped in here and don’t re- ally know what we’re about,” she said.

In keeping with the theme of shopping locally, the HBA is also hosting Shop Hillcrest for holiday shopping needs. For the Shop Hillcrest promo-

tion, retail shops and restaurants will be offering raffle tickets to customers who purchase items in their establishments throughout the holiday season. If participants fill out the free raffle tickets with the required infor- mation, they go into a drawing at the end of the holiday season. The winner will receive a “Fabu- lous Hillcrest” shopping spree including over $2,500 in Hillcrest gift cards and services. Over 25 shops and restau- rants will participate in the event, and the list is growing daily. This year the Hillcrest Farmers Market will also be participating. Posters around the Hillcrest neighborhood will indicate participating locations. For more information on both these events, visit fabu-

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