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tian Cabrera. WATCHES

three watches at a time... getting colors to match shoes and bags,” noting the $30 retail price. One Vivid Trends watch owner who’s impressed with the product and its versatility is Pacific Beach resident Chris-

“I just love the watch…”

Cabrera said. “It’s affordable [and] convenient. The coolest part about it is the faces change. It’s almost like you have more than one watch when it’s only one watch.” Cabrera said he likes the watch’s “duality.”

“It’s a watch, and it’s a fash- ion accessory,” he said, noting


the bright color is something people take notice of. “I get a lot of comments from people, ‘Nice watch,’ or ‘Where’d you get that watch?’” he said. Cabrera said he liked Vivid

Trends watches so much he bought a couple and is send- ing them to family and friends on the East Coast as stocking stuffers for the holidays. Besides how it looks, Cabrera also likes how the watch feels. “It’s very comfortable,” he said. “It doesn’t feel like one of those big, bulky huge watches on your wrist, even though it’s a big watch.”

That’s the key to the ap- peal — and success — of Vivid Trends watches, Harris said. “We look at this watch as be-

ing more of a fashion accessory than a timepiece,” he said, not-

ing people who spend their time on cell phones tex- ting, e-mailing and reading that have the time right there in front of them too. “These

watches with their different colors make

them very pop- ular because of the affordable price point, and because people

can have different

outfi ts that the differ- ent colors can go with,” Harris said.

Harris said he’s always

wanted to be an entrepreneur, but never suspected he’d find his niche in e-commerce. After

A Vivid Tends

watch, like the ones

available at

Martin & Wall in Hillcrest.

(Photo courtesy of Vivid Trends)

starting the business with partners Philipp Mikelatos and Garr Stephenson this July,

The faces on a Vivid Trends watch can be removed and placed on a different colored band. (Photo courtesy of Vivid Trends)

business has been robust and is escalating. “We’re in over 20 physical

stores across the country — New Orleans, Phoenix, Seattle, Malibu, Milwaukee,” Harris

The faces on a Vivid Trends watch can be removed and placed on a different colored band. (Photo courtesy of Vivid Trends)

said, adding there’s room and plans for further expansion. “We’re aiming at going down the road of accessory [and] clothing lines — T-shirts, tank tops, belts, wallets, sporty types of things,” he said, add- ing Vivid Trends is more than just a single product line. “We want this to become a household brand name,” he said, and hinted at a new watch product line in development by Vivid Trends. “We have a digital watch coming that people will be able to pop in and out of the same brand,” he said, adding, “We’re also getting ready to launch a camouflage band.” Martin and Wall is located at 3828 5th Ave. For more informa- tion about Vivid Trends watch- es, visit or

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