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Swanson said, “The station will continue to house three vehicles including a single [fire] engine, SUV and brush engine but will be updated to be equipped and furnished the same as the other stations.”

The City Council opted to

renovate the station as opposed to adopt recommendations from leading Fire and Emergency Services Consultant, Citygate Associates. Citygate’s recom- mendation called for 10 new fire stations across San Diego to reach acceptable response times. Though not rejecting the recommendations completely, City Council members deter- mined it was more cost effective to renovate the station. The City Council is looking to upgrade stations across the City. District Three Council-

member Todd Gloria pointed FROM PAGE 1

PARKING numbers.

The Parking District, for-

merly referred to as the Uptown Partnership, has been inactive for the last 18 months. The mon- ey collected for the inactive Up- town Partnership has remained unused. Nicholls explained that the group existed, but did not meet to discuss how to distrib- ute the parking meter monies. Upon reassembling the Parking District, members of the former group stepped down from their positions to allow for a new District filled with elected com-

out that the only community feedback he received so far was from those anxious to get these upgrades underway.

Community input will also be sought for the overall design of the Hillcrest station, which will attempt to meet the needs of the station’s personnel and those of the local neighbor- hood. While an exact date has not been set, projects like this one are presented to the Up- town Planners Group as a part of their meetings and are open for public comment. Gloria said, “It is important that the community remains well-protected by the fire-rescue crews. Fire station #5 is very small and its maintenance and repair needs are extensive.” Other fire stations that are not, as of now, scheduled for ren- ovations that cover the Uptown communities include Station #8 located at 3974 Goldfinch St., Station #3 located at 725 Kalmia

munity members. While the Parking District

seats that represent Hillcrest and Mission Hills have been filled, there will be an election to fill the seats that represent Bankers Hill on Jan. 23. There are two residential representative seats and three business representa- tive seats available.

Nicholls said, “Under the new

structure the money generated from Bankers Hill parking meters will be allocated and spent by Bankers Hill folks and Hillcrest money will be spent by Hillcrest folks. There are safeguards in place for that.”

Councilmember Todd Glo- ria, a supporter of the formation

St., Station #14 located at 4011 32nd St. and Station #18 located at 4676 Felton St. With this half a million dollars in funding and architect Rob Wellington Quig- ley now secured, the remain- ing funds needed for this project are expected in the future so construc- tion can begin. “I antici- pate construc- tion funds to be secured of a future City infrastructure bond in the next few years” Gloria said.u

of the Parking District, said “The reformed Uptown Partner- ship will be incredibly impor- tant to shaping decisions about parking management through- out many thriving neighbor- hoods.” He added, “I am grateful to the board members for taking on this challenge and look forward to working with them to aggressively implement solutions to parking and mobil- ity challenges in the Uptown neighborhoods.”

Nicholls said, “Just like in

Hillcrest, I know that Bankers Hill has a solid core of dedicated activists. This election is their chance to finally have a voice in how this money is spent.”u

San Diego Uptown News | Dec. 9–Dec. 22, 2011


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