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Spotlight on


Technical College’s Custom

Paint and Graphics Program

by Kraig W. Sturtz, MD

About two years ago when I started airbrushing, I was looking for a place where I could learn more about this art form. I tried contacting a few local custom paint- ers by email and was not even given the courtesy of a response. Fortunately, I discovered Airbrushtechnique. com and one of its faithful sponsors, Ohio Technical Col- lege (OTC). Let’s face it, when many of us start airbrushing we re- ally do not know where to begin, what equipment to consider, what paint systems to use or the plethora of technical information we need to gain to become profi- cient custom painters. I needed guidance and instruc- tion as I wanted to get up and running in short order. Not long after I discovered the Airbrush Technique fo- rum, I came across a post mentioning a weekend semi- nar being offered at OTC on airbrushing skulls. I was fa- miliar with one of the weekend instructors Tom Banks as a result of his contributions to Airbrush Technique Magazine. I enrolled in the course and I wrote to Tom to introduce myself. He was kind enough to write back and even bring an unrelated project that appeared in ABT magazine that I was eager to see in person. Tom as- sists in the recruiting efforts for OTC with his numerous airbrushing demonstrations around the country.

The entrance to the “working” classroom.

I could not wait for this seminar and I was not disap- pointed. From that first experience, I was hooked on the training offered at OTC as it is informative, concise and produces results for the new airbrush artist in a minimal amount of time. Since then I have enjoyed other OTC weekend seminars on traditional flames, realistic fire, and pinstriping. My hope is that the weekend semi- nars continue and the course offerings expanded. For those that seek a structured approach and formal training in custom airbrush painting, OTC is one of the few places available that offers a comprehensive pro- gram. Before we take a more detailed glimpse at that program let’s looks at the history of OTC. Founded in Cleveland in 1969 as a diesel mechanics

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