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Resolutions to the Bylaws Passed* • When two or more Posts consolidate, their two Auxiliaries will automatically consolidate and elect new officers.

• Members voted to increase National annual dues by $1.50 as of January 1, 2012, to $5.00 per year per member.

• After much discussion on the uniform resolutions, members voted to table all discussion. They then voted that National President Gwen Rankin choose what members will wear for the 2011-2012 year and form a committee to research options for a uniform in the current Auxiliary blue. (The 2011-2012 National Line Officers are now the members of this committee.) President Rankin has decided that members will wear the blue three-piece suit if they already own one or can borrow or buy one from another member. If not, then they should wear black pants/skirt, black jacket and a white blouse.

• To help with time constraints at Auxiliary meetings, the Ritual is to be amended as follows: “At the wish of the Ladies Auxiliary, meetings may

be conducted according to Demeter’s Manual of Parliamentary Law and Procedure; thus a round table meeting is held. The opening prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, checking of dues cards, minutes, Treasurer’s report and closing payer are still required, but are complete without the Ritualistic ceremony presently prescribed.”

*The VFW will review all Resolutions passed and decide to accept or reject. More details on the changes made to the National Bylaws will be made available. Please purchase a new copy of the Bylaws when it is available from the VFW Store.

Suit Up and Go for the Goal “Put Me in, Coach” was the theme for the 2011-12 membership kick- off on Wednesday. New Department Presidents generated an exciting team spirit dressed in sports garb, tossing footballs and swinging baseball bats or golf clubs. “Are you ready to play?” National Membership Director Tootsie Dougherty rallied the members. “We’re putting you in, and we’re counting on you this year.” n MS

The soaring voices of the Texas Children’s Choir ring out in patriotic song, one of many musical reminders of America’s greatness during the National Convention.

NOVEMBER 2011 11

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