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gram has been implemented to enhance safety in District 3. North Park’s bike team, which operates Wednesdays through Sundays, has been patrolling that business district during peak, high pedestrian-traffic evening

hours mately a year.

Councilmember Todd Glo- ria said that the visibility of such a team has reversed a previously seen increase in crime


hood. Vasquez,

that however,

neighbor- points

out that the implementation of the program within Hillcrest is not due to increased crime or a spike in problematic situations, but is more about maintaining safety and quality of life. “We want to ensure that ev-

eryone has a really nice time when they’re out in the eve- ning hours and enjoying them- selves,” Vasquez said. “One of the theories is that when you get a large amount of people in a given area at a given time it could bring in concerns of dis- turbances, and the bike team is able to address these types of issues to help maintain a safe environment.”

The goal, he said, is to have one Sergeant and six of- ficers who will be working on the same days and during the same shifts. Currently, the pa- trol is scheduled Wednesday through Saturday between 5 p.m. to 3 a.m., although the hours and days may change based on community needs. Councilmember Gloria said his office has been work-

Left to right: Sergeant Nicolas Borrelli, Officer Alex Nezgodinsky, Officer Andrea Taylor, Officer Dave Garren, and Officer Cesar Jimenez. (Photo by Daniel Solomon)

ing with community leaders and

philanthropists to help

raise $3,000 to ensure pro- curement of two additional po- lice bikes, which will be used by members of the Hillcrest bike team during their patrol. “Interestingly enough, a Hill-

crest resident donated the funds to purchase equipment for the North Park bike team, and we wanted to use that same type of philanthropy to help out the Hillcrest folks,” Gloria said. “My role in this has been to express the com-

munity’s desire for this and to help make that happen.” Vasquez said he believes that the bike team will be a “huge benefit and a huge plus” to local residents. “The team has had enor- mous success in other enter-

tainment districts through- out the city, including Pacific Beach, North Park and the Gaslamp District,” he said. “We’re looking forward to replicating that success in the entertainment district Hillcrest.”u

of for approxi-


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