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20 San Diego Uptown News | September 16–29, 2011


Pet Visits and Dog Walking Mark Leibling (619) 295-6792 New Customers: Buy Two Visits,

Get One Free!* You always can’t be home for

your beloved dog or cat. Vacations, holidays, extra hours at work and unexpected events all mean that you’re away from your dog or cat. Perhaps you’d like to break up your dog’s day with a nice walk too. Cats and dogs in our area know that I’m happy to visit them when you aren’t home. For 11 years, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting them and showing extra special care and love. Feeding, walking for your dog, bringing in your mail and providing you with updates if you’d like while you are away bring you peace of mind. I make all visits myself. No subcontracting. Reliable. All that means more peace of mind for you.

For a limited time, new customers will receive one free visit when buying two visits during the first job. Please call or e-mail me so we can work together to make your time away as pleasant as possible for your cat or dog. References are available. I look

forward to working for you. *This limited time offer is only for new customers. The one free visit can be used during the initial job or during the next job. Offer good once per customer.

Kensington Veterinary Hospital 3817 Adams Avenue San Diego, CA 92116

ADVERTORIAL 619.584.8418 Kensington Veterinary Hospital

is different. We have been locally owned and operated since 1991, and are committed to giving back to our community. Our five doctors have chosen to follow their hearts and help animals live life to the fullest. We offer solutions for your pet that range from the ageless principles of oriental medicine, herbs and acupuncture to the most current advances in veterinary care including laser therapy for pain relief or expedited healing, conventional medicine, pharmacy, vaccinations as needed, surgery, dentistry, and referral to specialists when necessary. Join us for a tour, and join the Kensington Veterinary Hospital extended family. We welcome you!

Premier Massage (415) 935-6667 Premier Massage consists of a

group of four massage therapists. Located in Mission Valley, Premier Massage offers a wide range of massage techniques fitted to individuals’ specific needs. Oswell Melton, owner and therapist at the centre, said that Premier Massage clients are especially pleased that the therapists listen to and understand their needs and take the time to focus on them. Oswell enjoys working with

individuals with physical issues. “I enjoy helping my clients to feel better,” he says. “I am one of the few therapists around who truly takes the time to remove the tightness and restriction in the neck shoulders and back as well as other areas. Although we specialize in

Couples Massages and Therapeutic Massages, we also provide many clients with our Special Swedish Massage, designed for relaxation and to ease away stress and tension. For some clients, however, having a massage is more than just relaxing. That’s why others seek a massage that is healing and results oriented. For these clients we provide therapeutic massage to reduce or eliminate pain and muscle tightness. Therapeutic massage is a holistic way to heal many common and some not so common conditions. Sciatica, whiplash, edema, frozen shoulder, tight neck, headaches or migraines, carpal tunnel, back pain, knee and foot pain are among a few conditions that can be treated with massage. Unfortunately not all massage therapists specialize in working with these conditions. Our role as therapeutic massage therapists is to focus on the areas of concern, determine the muscle or muscles causing the pain or tightness and manipulate soft tissue. Manipulating the soft tissue helps restore the proper blood flow and pliability of the muscles to their correct state of function. We also take the responsibility to teach our clients how to modify their lives and to get better quickly and to avoid the problem in the future. Our clients are male and female, and couples of all ages and body types. For more information on the massages and pricing at Premier Massage centre you can visit their website at www.premiermassagesd. com or by calling Premier Massage at (415) 935-6667.

Next Week Date XXX

Being naked can be liberating, especially for feet that have been cramped up in shoes that are too tight or pointed. Doesn’t it feel great to take your shoes off at the end of the day and just wiggle your toes and feel the freedom of naked feet? Many runners claim to have found just that freedom by wearing the new Vibram Five Fingers footwear instead of traditional running shoes. About this time last year mem-

This Shoe Fit’s Like a Glove Home Section

bers started showing up to the gym in these funky toe hugging shoes. Always one to question new fitness trends, my first concern with the shoe, admittedly, was the aesthetics. They just looked weird and they sent me into a 70’s flashback when I got a pair of the oh so popular “toe socks” in my stocking for Christmas (Santa was always a little fashion forward in my home.) How could something like that possibly be an athletic shoe? After speaking to many FiveFin-

gers footwear fanatics I have learned most of them are runners and they like the footwear because it allows them to feel close as pos- sible to running barefoot while still providing protection for their feet. The concept and design behind the shoe is that it brings you closer to true contact with the ground so you can leverage all of your body’s natu- ral biomechanics and move as nature intended.

Our ancestral hunters and gather- ers did not go out chasing their din- ner in the newest Nike Cross Train- ers or Asics Trail Runners. They were most likely barefoot, and when

you’re barefoot your foot is in its natural state and can move more ef- ficiently than when it is bound up in a shoe. It rolls, stretches, expands, and grasps the ground. Vibram’s website states their FiveFingers footwear helps strength- en the muscles in your feet and lower legs while improving the range of motion in your ankles, feet and toes allowing your foot and toes to move more naturally. FiveFingers also stimulate the neural function of the thousands of neurological recep- tors in your feet and send valuable information to your brain, which can help improve your balance and agil- ity.

Most experts agree that proper

running form is achieved with a fore- foot strike, when your forefoot hits the ground first, as opposed to run- ning with a heel strike, when your heel hits first. The heel strike during running mostly came about because of the excessive padding of running shoes. Striking with the heel first is like putting the brakes on ever y step. Landing on the forefoot allows your arches to act as natural shock absorbers and may be safer and lead to fewer injuries. Vibram’s heel-less shoe design encourages forefoot running and can therefore help align your spine and improve your posture. By lowering the heel on any shoe, your body- weight becomes evenly distributed across the footbed, promoting proper posture and spinal alignment Nearly all fitness enthusiasts be- lieve a ver y cushioned athletic shoe

of fers the best suppor t for your foot. If you like the feel of a cushy shoe “hugging” your foot, it can actually be damaging because it can alter your motion from what’s natural. Cushioning blocks the feeling of the ground and can cause a loss of ner ve sensation while too much support can immobilize your foot and possi- bly cause muscle atrophy. So is this new craze of almost

barefoot running in these funky shoes for you? I’ve decided it is an individual preference and depends on how your body responds to it. There are a few things to consider if you want to give it a try: 1. Ease in to it. Your feet are used to wearing shoes so hopping into a pair of FiveFingers and running even around the block isn’t a good idea. It could be a shock to your feet. It may take weeks to move from a support- ive shoe to less supportive depend- ing on your foot type. 2. Avoid hard sur faces. Stay

away from hard concrete or cement that will be jarring to your joints. A grassy or sandy sur face will suite you best for your first time out. 3. Make sure you get the correct

size. Fit is ever ything since these unique shoes hug your toes and have a completely different feel to than traditional running shoes. Even if you’re not a runner, you too can jump on the FiveFinger band- wagon. Vibram also of fers a variety of shoes for fitness, water, traveling, trekking, yoga and even an after spor ts alternative. Going vir tually barefoot has never been so easy.

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