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scheduled meeting, and will be held at 6 p.m. on Sept. 6 and Oct. 4 at the Joyce Beers Center, 1230 Cleveland Ave., in the Uptown Shopping District. The Sept. 6 gathering will

be an introduction of the people working on the project, while the Oct. 4 session will be more detailed and allow the public to share comments and have ques- tions answered. “These meetings will give

residents an opportunity to know more about this new facility that will improve their DMV customer experience and be an asset to the neighborhood,” said Kehoe. The private developer, Lank-

ford & Associates, would demol- ish the existing DMV structure and build a larger facility with un- derground parking, rental hous- ing, and commercial/retail space.


On Aug. 22, MOGL, an app for

your phone that allows for finding restaurants and saving money, launched in San Diego. MOGL’s platform is built on

three key components for custom- er benefit: Ten percent cash back: Once

they complete the free registra- tion process, MOGL members begin to receive ten percent cash back on their designated debit or credit card each time they dine out at participating MOGL restau- rants.

Become the MOGL: Each

month, MOGL members have the opportunity to compete against each other to be named the MOGL (or top customer at any participating restaurant) and win a MOGL “Jackpot” cash prize. The MOGL jackpot is equal to ten percent of all cash back earned by MOGL members that month at that restaurant and can reach up to $1,000. Meal for a Meal: Through a

partnership with Feeding Ameri- ca San Diego, every time a MOGL member spends more than twenty dollars at a MOGL restaurant or bar, one meal is donated to some- one in need. Members can track how many meals they have do- nated to date.


tricting Commission meeting on Aug. 25, the Committee approved new boundaries for the City Coun- cil Districts. Council District Three will no

longer include the communities of Kensington, Talmadge and City Heights. These areas were reas- signed to become part of District Nine, though the date at which this becomes effective is unclear. Councilmember Todd Gloria,

who represents the current Dis- trict Three, said, “Some authori- ties believe that councilmembers begin representing the new dis- tricts this fall. The City Attorney has opined that councilmembers begin representing the new dis- tricts in December 2012, following the next election cycle. ” North Park, South Park, Gold-

en Hill, University Heights, Nor- mal Heights, Hillcrest and Balboa Park remain in District Three, with the addition of Mission Hills, Bankers Hill, Park West, Old Town and Downtown. Gloria said, “It is worth noting that the final map is the result of a

lengthy public process and devel- oped and approved by an all-vol- unteer Redistricting Commission made up of seven private citizens. I would like to thank them for their service to our City.”


restaurant in Hillcrest has raised some questions regarding its per- mits and the historical nature of the building that houses the res- taurant. A notice posted on the door

read that the restaurant was in violation of a municipal code by performing the following: “tenant improvements without required building permits and inspec- tions…including structural, elec- trical, [and] plumbing in the inte- rior of the building.” The problem could be the age

of the building. Jaye MacAskill, president of the Save our Heritage Organisation (SOHO), said, “If a building is more than 45 years old, it is potentially historic,” adding that the range building is more than 45 years old. If someone ap- plies for a permit to perform alter- ations to the building structure, it must be reviewed for historical significance. She claims the work was per-

formed and the building was al- tered without filing the proper permits. Restaurant owner Dave Schissman said, “we’ve been open for business for a month now, and the permits were all good to go.”


This is a sharrow, which is

painted on streets such as Adams Ave, Park Ave, Congress St., San Diego Ave, and El Cajon Blvd and streets in Kensington. California Vehicle Code 21202

states that when operating a bi- cycle one should ride close to the right-hand curb unless: (1) When overtaking and

passing another bicycle or ve- hicle proceeding in the same direction. (2) When preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or drive- way. (3) When reasonably nec- essary to avoid conditions (in- cluding, but not limited to, fixed or moving objects, vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, animals, surface hazards, or substan- dard width lanes) that make it unsafe to continue along the right-hand curb or edge, sub- ject to the provisions of Section 21656. For purposes of this sec- tion, a “substandard width lane” is a lane that is too narrow for a bicycle and a vehicle to travel safely side by side within the lane. (4) When approaching a place where a right turn is au- thorized. Sharrows signal to drivers that

one of these situations is present and promote safety for both cy- clists and motorists.


was of ficially reopened the morning of Sept. 1 with an of- ficial ribbon cutting. Damaged in a storm back in March, the footbridge has been unusable until today.

Councilmember Kevin Faul-

coner reminded those in atten- dance that the bridge is over 100 years old and said, “we want it to be here for another hundred years.” Director of Public works Tony

Heinrichs added that the Quince Street Bridge is the only remain- ing wooden trestle bridge in San Diego.

Originally wondering how

many years it would take to re- build the bridge, Ben Baltic of the Banker’s Hill Residents Group, said how pleased he was that it

6th annual UHARTS OPEN

ARTwalk! • Open Art Studios • Music/Performance noon – 5 pm


Taste of university heights Taste at over EIGHTEEN Restaurants noon – 3 pm

EVENTS BEGIN outside of the

Historic Teachers Building Annex 1 4100 Normal Street – San Diego

Sample delicacies from UH restaurants and enjoy a

FREE self-guided tour of the arts plus FREEevent shuttle; and Taste ticket holders can win gifts and business certificates from UH businesses in a FREE Raffle! Limited Taste tickets– $20 advance / $25 day of event

Taste tickets Purchase advance tickets from the UHCDC or during the art /FOOD FUSION Reception on Friday, September 16th, 7- 9 pm

MORE 619.508.4075 | uhao | INFO 619.297.3166 | UHCDC |

Sunday, September 18th Teachers Building Annex 1

Taste restaurants • Cueva Bar

• Monica’s At The Park • Rosie Lee’s • Savory Deli and Market • Muzita Abyssinian Bistro • Soltan Banoo • Lei Lounge • Park Blvd. Wine & Pizza • Bourbon Street Bar & Grill

• Twiggs Coffee /Bakery • Park Blvd. Foods • Lestat’s on Park • Garden of Eden Organics • Pizzeria Bruno Napoletano • Loving Hut • Eclipse Chocolat • Pizzeria Luigi • Flavors of East Africa • Apertivo

music & performance • Swedenborgian Church/Hall

• art /FOOD Fusion

open artist studios & venues • Athenaeum Music & Arts Library / School of the Arts • Paul Stolte Designs • Birney Block Party

• MUNDO gallery • J.A. Cooley Museum ARTwalk! Teachers Building Annex 1 FREE Raffle!

art /FOOD FUSION Reception

Friday, Sept 16th – 7- 9pm

Swedenborg Hall 1531 Tyler Avenue

visual arts • writers • performing arts • musicians • culinary arts

San Diego Uptown News | September 2–15, 2011


Photo by Ashley Mackin

only took five months. “I can’t tell you how pleased I am…that the bridge is actually going to be open today.” With that, the ribbon was cut,

and community members were invited to finally walk across the Bridge.u

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