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The courses in this brochure are suitable for anyone who goes to sea, and are equally relevant to both sailors and motor boaters. They are great for keeping you busy over the winter or for topping up your expertise throughout the year. To help you take a course at a time or

place convenient to you, they are off ered in a variety of ways:


All our navigation and specialist short courses can be taken in the classroom.

Navigation courses range from 16 to 40

hours, depending on the level, and can be taken intensively over consecutive days, or split into shorter weekly or weekend sessions. Centres off ering training as evening classes or intensive courses are indicated in the listing later in this brochure. The specialist short courses are generally

taken over a single day, except the Off shore Safety course which is a day and a half. Sea Survival and Off shore Safety courses include a session in a swimming pool. The list of training centres off ering classroom courses starts on page 17.


Learn anytime, anywhere with RYA Interactive, the online learning website through which our centres

off er training to their students. You can take both the Essential Navigation and Seamanship course and the CEVNI test for the International Certifi cate of Competence in this way. Tasters of both can be seen on The nature of online learning means you can take the course and choose a training centre anywhere in the world. You can also learn at your own speed with an instructor on hand to answer questions and give help when needed. See page 15 and 16 for the list of centres off ering training in this way.


Our navigation courses are also available by distance learning through a few of our training

centres. The courses are run to our standard syllabus and use our assessment papers, but the delivery method and teaching materials have been devised by the individual training centres. Courses may be off ered in any format including online learning or CD-based tutorials. See page 17 for the list of centres off ering training in this way.


Bespoke training is off ered by many of our training centres to polish your skills. This is non-certifi cated but ideal for concentrating on areas specifi c to your boat or cruising aspirations, or for preparing you for one of our exams. Contact your chosen training centre for further details.


All centres listed in this brochure are recognised by the RYA at the time of going to print. There is also a comprehensive up-to-date list on By taking a course with one of our centres

you become part of a programme that is known and respected worldwide. Recognised centres off er training to our

standard syllabus using qualifi ed instructors and our materials to guide you through the subject. The courses break down essential skills into manageable chunks and deliver them in a fl exible, user friendly way. At the end of each course successful students

will receive an RYA certifi cate. If you research courses elsewhere, always

look for the RYA tickmark. If in doubt, call us to check if a centre is recognised.

Navigation and Specialist Short Courses 2011/2012


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