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December 2011 Holiday Pampering Is What

You Need By JodyLynn Stuppy

care of yourself. Treat yourself right during the holidays. Put yourself in the capable hands of a professional. Luxuriate yourself with a visit to the spa.

W A spa experience is not only healthy for your interior but also your exterior. Just

like a body wrap increases metabolism, it also invigorates your skin. Most wraps contain herbal compounds that carry many medicinal values. While alligator may be fine for handbags and shoes, the look is not good for your skin. Body scrubs get rid of your dead and weak skin cells, giving your skin a radiant glow. Spas look after your body from head to toe – from facials to pedicures, waxes to massages.

Having massages can revitalize

your health, body and soul in our hectic lifestyles yielding several health benefits. Massage improves body postures and reduces the struggles that come with diseases such as chronic arthritis and other conditions like migraines, head- aches and respiratory issues. It has been proven to reduce depression, pain, anxiety and is mainly done to reduce pain and strain on muscles as well as increase our body’s blood circulation and release of toxins.

Folks in the Temecula and Murrieta Valley know the importance of downshifting

once in awhile. In this stressful world, you never need an excuse to recharge. Visiting a spa to pamper yourself doesn’t have to be considered a treat. While many of them offer individual treatments, one may be tempted to receive a thorough experience at a day spa. There are day spas tucked in locations throughout the area.

For those looking for an escape in the Murrieta area, Murrieta Day Spa offers

a luxurious experience. Body scrubs, massages, foot baths, mineral pool, a full ser- vice salon and more will rejuvenate you from head to toe. Owner Monique Suraci, encourages everyone to go to a spa at least once in their lifetime to learn the art of relaxation, for it’s no longer a luxury but a necessity.

No matter what your pleasure, there is no more opulent place to spa than amidst

the vines, where creative treatments range from mineral-enriched skin detoxifiers to massage for couples. GrapeSeed Spa at South Coast Winery Resort is about as pri- vate, peaceful, relaxing and exclusive an environment as you can find.

With several locations throughout the region, Massage Envy touts massage ther-

apy to be a powerful ally in your wellness program. While you’re at it, get your glow on with one of their facials.

If you’ve got your money on an exciting day in Temecula, look no further than

Spa Pechanga within Pechanga Resort and Casino. It offers an experience unique to that particular venue.

Take pleasure by wallowing in the mud, Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona has

long been famous for their cleansing mud and mineral baths. Or get in touch with nature while having an outdoor massage beneath the oak trees. Ideal for men and women, the Glen Ivy Spa Experience package encompasses the royal treatment.

Go from frazzled to dazzled. This is your invitation to sparkle. An hour of pam-

pering yourself by getting a pedicure, manicure or massage may be all it takes to re- juvenate and renew. Both Fletcher-Smith The Spa and Tanya Gray Salon in Murrieta offer a full service salon including a makeup studio.

Little luxuries come in small packages. When making out your gift list this year,

include yourself! Give the gift of beauty and relaxation with a gift certificate to one of these spas for that special someone. After a long day of gift shopping, reward yourself for a job well done. Splurge on a massage, facial, manicure or pedicure. Locally, spa services can range from $45 to hundreds of dollars for spa packages. Whether your visit is to a full-service salon or to a spa, move pampering to the top of your list!

Lastly, take a moment to simply enjoy the simple pleasures of the season. Stay

healthy this holiday season by finding the time to relax. The better you feel, the hap- pier your holidays will be. Happy Spa-lidays!

Successful Businesswoman and

Social Icon Turns 90 Continued from page 1

the expanding Temecula-Murrieta area, Ann was able to enjoy life with her children – Tami Collins and Dan Stephenson and her five grandchildren. She has 15 great- grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. Many of them live in the local area.

“Ann came to the valley as a retiree bringing nothing but energy and enthusiasm

and the desire to make things happen. She started the Country Club Crowd which was a senior citizens group designed to do social events, and she ran that organiza- tion as president for five years and entertained over 200 ladies and gentlemen during her reign of that organization,” said her son Dan.

Ann says that the years in Murrieta have been outstanding. ”My favorite time in life is when I moved here,” she said.

In her many years in Murrieta, she has been a mainstay of the community. “She

is the matriarch of her family and takes great pride in making sure the family stays connected,” said Dan Stephenson. “She has always been very active in sports being an avid skier, bowler and golfer. She loves to play bridge and she has been a member of a number of bridge groups – organizing many of them.”

A conversation with Ann is always stimulating. “I’ve had a lot of fun in my

life and I’ve had a full life and I intend to keep doing it for awhile yet,” she com- mented.

The Chronicle What Is EMDR?

And What Can It Do For You? By Sandra L. Nagy, Clinical Hypnotherapist

It’s a well-know phenomena that

some of the most valuable discoveries are often made by accident. So it was that in 1987, psychologist, Francine Shapiro was walking in the park and just happened to notice that when she moved her eyes back and forth in a certain way, negative feelings and dis- turbing thoughts were greatly relieved. This discovery led to controlled re- search studies and the development of EMDR…Eye Movement Desensitiza- tion and Reprocessing.

When life is going smoothly, both

the left and right hemispheres of the brain will work together to integrate and store information. But, when emotionally disturbing events have

occurred in your life, the brain is often unable to process experiences as it normally would. Instead, negative thoughts and feelings can get trapped in the nervous sys- tem at a subconscious level. The eye movements utilized in EMDR utilize bilateral stimulation by activating both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, allowing for proper integration and the release of painful or negative experiences from your nervous system.

EMDR has been extensively researched and proven extremely effective and, as

with the practice of clinical hypnotherapy itself, theories still abound as to why it is so effective. However, most importantly, the fact remains that it is.

One theory about EMDR suggested that the two brain hemispheres might act as

a push-pull control system, similar to an accelerator and a brake, with the left hemi- sphere contributing to the push (or approach tendencies) and the right hemisphere contributing to avoidance tendencies, which would explain the freezing up of sen- sory input if a situation prohibits cooperation and a smooth flow.

EMDR in conjunction with hypnotherapy has proved to be extremely effective

in treating anxiety disorders, stress, fears and phobias, overeating, self-confidence, improvement of athletic and academic ability and more.

According to Herbert Fensterheim, Ph.D., at Cornell University, “EMDR is the most revolutionary, important method to emerge in psychotherapy in decades.”

I’m excited about incorporating this unique and innovative treatment into my hypno- therapy practice. - Sandra L. Nagy is a Clinical Hypnotherapist; practicing in South- ern California for 11 years. She received her psychology and hypnotherapy training from Columbia University, NY, and The Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, CA. Sandra can be reached at (951) 894-5555 or go to:

ith Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas and Hanukkah just ahead, take time to enjoy the beauty of the season without feeling stressed. It’s enough to give anyone the bah humbugs. The key to a quick recovery is to take

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