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Successful Businesswoman and Social Icon Turns 90

By Gloria Karlak

Vogue magazine. She plays bridge, at- tends political meetings, loves good conversation, and she just celebrated her 90th birthday on Halloween at the home of her son and daughter-in-law—Dan and Beverly Stephenson of Bear Creek in Murrieta. She was joined by a host of friends and family at the Halloween- themed birthday party in her honor.

A Ann is a woman who was ahead

of her time. Entrepreneurial, bright and beautiful, she was a very success- ful businesswoman at a time when few women were professionally employed. And, was she ever successful!

Married and divorced when she was

young, Ann raised two children, Tami and Dan Stephenson, in Los Angeles and in the San Fernando Valley.

She started her own beauty shop in her early

20s. But, she found another venture that looked even more challenging and financially prom- ising–an employment agency. Ann started the Academy Employment Agency in Los Angeles in 1955 and it grew to be one of the top employ- ment agencies in the state. Located in downtown Los Angeles and subsequently on Wilshire Bou- levard, Ann spent many years expanding the agency into an exceptionally successful enter- prise.

The agency provided Ann and her family

with a very comfortable life-style. She wistfully remembers the big house on the hilltop in Enci- no where there was always something going on. Ann entertained on a grand scale and was called

The Perle Mesta of the San Fernando Valley. Even Mayors from Los Angeles were seen at her stylish parties and social events. She said that she loved entertaining and especially enjoyed the luau parties: “Now, those were fun!” she said.

She ran the very successful employment agency for 35 years and also served

as president of the Business and Professional Club of the San Fernando Valley. She was appointed to the Board of the California Employment Association. “Now, that was a wonderful time of my life,” said Ann.

Another hallmark of Ann’s life is that she has always loved travel. At the

height of her business career (1962) she took six months away from work and literally traveled around the world.

Remarried, she finally retired in 1993 and moved to the Temecula-Murrieta area. Critically ill, her husband died just days after they moved to Murrieta. But, in

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nn Stephenson is a striking woman. She always looks like she stepped out of the pages of

December 2011

Jr. Olympic Diver to I

Extreme Motocross Rider By Carol Malin

went out to Fitzland in Temecula to catch up with freestyle motocross Metal Mul- isha rider, Jimmy Fitzpatrick. They were working out for the new “Black Friday” film that day, but the weather was not cooperating–the wind was blasting through

the Valley, kicking up dust and bending tree branches. Filming was due to start in less than a week at Glamis sand dunes.

I gathered some basic stats about Fitzpatrick while I

waited up at the house. His current bike is a Honda CR250. He turned pro at 20. Within his seven year career, he has garnered five 1st place International Freestyle Motocross Federation Championship finishes.

Jimmy Fitzpatrick is an athlete. Before motocross,

before freestyle, before Metal Mulisha, Fitzpatrick was a Junior Olympic diver for six years. Then something hap- pened. He fell in love with motocross.

I asked him how he turned to motocross and how the

ride has been. Like everything Fitzpatrick does, he gave this interview his best. Read on.

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