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MICRO Extolling the benefits of busi-

nesses joining forces, Simon noted the Banker’s Hill Micro District grant will likely be in the $4,000 to $7,000 range. Simon added grant funds can’t

be used by the new Banker’s Hill group for a number of things in- cluding food and travel expenses. What funds can be used for, he said, will be decided by the new group once it’s formed. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have

a business directory with all the businesses in it, would that help?” queried Sutton, when asked about ideas on how the micro grant money might best be spent. “The bottom line is there’s a lot of cool things that we can do.”


Business owner Jake Sutton led a discussion group of about 20 small- business owners in Banker’s Hill at Sanfilippo’s Restaurant on Fifth Avenue, June 21. A varied group of entrepreneurs, from graphic design- ers to artists and barbers, is forming a micro business district in Banker’s Hill with the aid of Warren Simon of the BID Foundation and BID Council. (Photography by Dave Schwab)

Someone else suggested that

the new community group might look into how a portion of parking meter proceeds in the Banker’s Hill area might be reinvested back into promoting local business de- velopment. “It’s a great idea,” commented

Michael Breitenstein of Inscriptu, Inc., a small computer controlled



Garden Design & Maintenance

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laser engraving business that started out of a garage and is now quartered at 3138 5th Ave., about

formation of the new micro dis- trict. “Maybe it will provide more visibility.” “It’s a great way to form a co-

hesive group to let people know where we are,” said Nancy Moors operator of HillQuest, a Hillcrest web portal. Moors is a Banker’s Hill property owner and is past president of Hillcrest Business Association (HBA), the city’s old- est Business Improvement Dis- trict (BID) representing about 1,200 businesses on Banker’s Hill’s border. “Businesses are growing in

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the neighborhood and are becom- ing much more vibrant, and it’s a great opportunity for business owners to get together and form an alliance,” added Moors. Benjamin Nicholls, HBA’s ex-

ecutive director, said the newly forming Banker’s Hill business group has his BID’s blessing. “It’s something that is long

overdue,” he said, noting, “We (HBA) would rather have another strong and enthusiastic business

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This month, local full-service marketing and communications firm, Alternative Strategies celebrates 11 years of doing business in San Diego.

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Another client enjoying Alternative Strategies’ market- ing, P.R. and social media assistance is the Verant Group. The popular neighborhood bars and eateries they own are popping up all over town, including True North Tav- ern, West Coast Tavern, Offshore Tavern & Grill, Tavern at the Beach, Sandbar Sports Grill, Brewley’s Pint along with a Gaslamp location opening soon. Exciting promo- tional events such as last month’s Grub Sprawl (where visitors visited nine area restaurants, sampling favorite offerings for only $5.00) was the brainchild of the Alter- native Strategies team. It is also Alternative Strategies that was hired to promote The Taste of Shelter Island and The Taste of Pacific Beach Coast Walk. International celebrity mixologist Hayden Wood has built a reputation as one of the world’s most acclaimed bartenders and award-winning drinks book authors, and Alternative Strategies has helped with his promotion and exposure, including his most recent appearance on The Today Show in New York. He has also appeared on such programs as Oprah Winfrey’s Ultimate Australian Adventure and Guy Fieri’s Roadshow, to name a few.

Alternative Strategies has a real heart for San Diego police organizations through its involvement with the Chula Vista Police Officer’s Association, El Cajon Police Officer’s Association and Escondido Police Officer’s As- sociation. We manage their graphic design, websites, social media, newsletters and community relations ef- forts. In addition, Alternative Strategies has been able to secure publicity for these organizations. Alternative Strategies currently launched a Website for one of today’s most popular authors; Lynn Vincent. She was recently featured in Newsweek and is described as “the ghost writer.” Having sold more than 5 million books in the past five years, she commands top-dollar advances, and one of her most popular works is becom- ing a film starring Samuel L. Jackson. Other clients include former White House Chef, Wal- ter Scheib and his team, who have created a new event management venture serving the international Jewish community; The American Chef Kosher. The impres- sive Website we created exemplifies the height of excel- lence this client hopes to deliver to its many prominent clients from around the globe. To learn more about how Alternative Strategies can grow YOUR business, go to or call us directly at (619) 858-0322.

group on our border like we do with North Park and Mission Hills.”

Nicholls noted the line sepa-

rating Hillcrest from Banker’s Hill is well demarcated. “Our boundary is Upas, and

their boundary is Upas: It’s a pret- ty solid line,” he said. The city instituted the Micro

District Program recognizing that all neighborhood business dis- tricts may not qualify to become a full fledged BID (a defined area within which businesses pay an additional tax or fee in order to fund improvements within the dis- trict’s boundaries) because they lack a “critical mass” of business tax certificate (business license) holders necessary to generate revenues to establish and main- tain a non-profit corporation. The city subsequently developed “Mi- cro Districts,” informal business groups typically with 100 to 250 members.

see Micro, page 27

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