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18 San Diego Uptown News | June 24–July 7, 2011


Marianne Williamson keynote speaker at San Diego Pride Rally Tucson’s Daniel Hernandez Jr. will also speak


an Diego LGBT Pride welcomes Marianne Wil- liamson, New York Times best-selling author and founder of the Peace Alliance and Project Angel Food in Los Angeles as the keynote speaker at next month’s Spirit of Stonewall rally keynote. Tucson political activist Daniel

Hernandez Jr., who came to the immediate aid of Congressmember Gabrielle Giffords after a gunman fired on her and 18 other people at a public appearance in Arizona in February, will join Williamson. The rally will be held at 6:30 p.m., Friday, July 15, on the main festival stage at Marston Point in Balboa Park. The event officially kicks off Pride weekend, which features a mile-long parade at 11 a.m., July 16, and a two-day festi- val in the park, July 16 and 17. Through The Peace Alliance,

Williamson supports Congres- sional legislation to establish a United States Department of Peace. She is also the author of

FROM PAGE 3 HIV Testing the entire 92103 and

92104 communities is the first step in a multiple year project to demonstrate that, with appropri- ate testing and HIV treatment, HIV can be controlled within a community. “Increasing evidence supports the idea that if everyone in the

10 books focusing on spiritual enlightenment, four of which landed on the New York Times’ bestsellers list. Over the past several years, she

has been featured in such films as “The Power of Forgiveness” and “Living Luminaries on the Serious Business of Happiness.” Hernandez is a Tucson native and a political science major at the University of Arizona, where he serves as director on the Arizona Students’ Association’s board of directors advocat- ing affordable and accessible education. He is also trained in nursing and phlebotomy, which he utilized to save Gifford’s life. Both President Obama and the national media have celebrated him as an American hero,’though humbly rejects the title. His political activism extends

to working on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and Gif- ford’s congressional campaign. He also helped direct the successful

world were encouraged to be test- ed for HIV at least once in their lives; if HIV positive individuals were all offered treatment in the form of antiretroviral medications; and if high-risk individuals contin- ued to be tested once each year, the risk of HIV acquisition and transmission could be markedly reduced,” a release from Lead the Way, said. “Lead the Way research aims to find out whether or not people

(left) Marianne Williamson (right) Daniel Hernandez Jr.

re-election of Arizona State Rep. Steve Farley, who currently serves as assistant minority leader in the Arizona State House. And over the

will test for HIV if the test is made readily available.” Little said that this is the first

time an HIV campaign has tar- geted everyone—both high- and low-risk individuals—based on the presumption that if everyone is tested for HIV, those found to be HIV positive can be treated with antiretroviral medications, reduc- ing the spread of the disease to others. The Lead the Way campaign

past year he has become an active member on the City of Tucson Commission of LGBT issues. For more information about

launched on May 11, 2011, with a testing center located at 3830 Park Blvd., inside The Egyp- tian building on the corner of University and Park in Hillcrest

San Diego Pride events, or to sign up for volunteer positions, call (619) 297-7683 or visit: SanDi-

The center offers free 10-minute HIV testing from noon to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays.u

Lead the Way testing staff load mobile testing van in preparation for door-to- door testing in Uptown. (Courtesy of Joshua Romero)

Our commitment to excellence has been serving the community since 1981. We will be celebrating our 30th year of business and we Thank all our loyal customers.

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on our repairs

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3074 Adams Avenue San Diego, CA 92116 P: (619)281-6791 F: (619)281-3936

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