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Keys. Our plan is to put the equivalent of our transmission poles or our heavy duty distribution poles and attach a small size wind turbine to the top of those, then monitor the output. If we’re monitoring the output of solar and wind, then our customers can go and see what actually happens here in the Florida Keys. How much money it will cost to invest in either of the projects, and then what the output will be. It really is more demonstration, enabling us to show our customers what’s available in renewable energy here in the Keys.

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is a big thing. In this country it is slow to grab hold and one of the things is that people just aren’t aware of it or what the impact might be visually. You are looking to erect two wind turbines at the Cudjoe Key Electrical Sub Station. What sort of size would a wind turbine like this be? LTTe ones we are putting in are very small with the blades about seven feet in diameter. Tis is more of a demonstra- tion project and will not produce much energy, but it will help our customers to see what wind can do here in the Florida

GD One of the areas that they say is the easiest for a consumer or business to change is jut the type of light bulbs they use, but it appears old habits are hard to break. Why do you feel that and what do these new or more efficient bulbs mean to someone? LTWell, for one thing, I think a lot of people are hestiant to spend so much money on the light bulbs. You can go and buy the old traditional light bulb for maybe 75 cents or $1, whereas the new compact fluorescent is more in the range of $4-$5. You have to get over that initial investment and realize you’ll have

long-term savings. But certainly that is one of the easiest things people can do in their homes. And before we would ever recommend a customer moving into the arena of a renewable system like a wind turbine or solar, we would encourage them to do all of the energy-efficiency steps that they could in their home. Some of those steps would include changing light bulbs and making sure current energy use is as low as possible. Tey can even call us for an energy survey, and we’ll have an employee visit their home and give tailored-made sug- gestions on what they can do to improve their efficiency. Tose suggestions might be as simple as making sure the coils on their refrigerator are clean, making sure filters are replaced on a regular basis, or checking windows and doors to make sure there is no air escaping. If you have any leaks, you are spending more then you need to, so certainly do those energy-efficiency items first.

GD Do you have anything on the horizon that might help teach business owners things that they could do in their own businesses to save energy? LT For the larger commercial businesses,


we are planning to set up workshops this summer where we will bring in an expert in the field. Tey will come in and talk to the large users, probably mostly hotel users, and they will give very specific advice on how they can improve their business, lower their consummation, improve their energy-carbon footprint and reduce their bills.

GDTe grant of $770,000 is primarily going to be spent in the Florida Keys and the community. Just how quickly will those funds be expended? LT It has to be within the next year. We have to spend all of our money, and we have to show all of our projects as complete by April 2012. As soon as we signed off on the documents, we had seven project leaders for the seven different projects. Tey all got to work right away. Tese projects have some lead time, and we definitely want to get them all completed to collect our money from the Feds and bring that money into Monroe County.



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