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ing drawn into … new district[s].” Redistricting may also affect

term limits.

Political consultant John Da- dian, founder of Dadian & Associ- ates, Inc., said the $6 million ques- tion, however, is how redistricting will affect term limits. “Term limits apply to the

numbered district,” Dadian said. “Let’s take [District 2] Rep. Kev- in Faulconer for example. He’s termed out in his current district, but if they redraw the lines and he finds himself living in District 1, can he run for eight more years in District 1?”

Dadian said he believes the an-

swer is affirmative. However, the City Attorney’s office is currently evaluating the question. “We have not yet opined on this,” said communications direc- tor Gina Coburn. “But we will likely do so in the future.” Despite uncertainty as to how district lines may be re- drawn or how terms may be af- fected, City Council candidates for the 2012 election continue to add their hats to the ring: Dis- trict 1 Councilmember Sherri Lightner, District 7 Councilmem- ber Marti Emerald and District 3 City Councilmember Todd Glo- ria have all indicated they will run for a second term.

City Heights, the community

Gloria represents, is among those whose parameters could change. Gloria said that it’s too early to say whether he would move in an attempt to retain his eligibility to run as a representative of Uptown neighborhoods. “We will wait until the Com- mission makes its final decision before we cross that bridge, but regardless I will run on my re- cord,” he said.

The Redistricting Commis- sion is taking advisement from San Diego residents as to how to redraw community boundar- ies via a series of public hear- ings. A final determination as to how Council lines may be affected is not expected until December. The redistricting process is

the result of a June 2010 voter- passed amendment to the City Charter allowing for the cre- ation of a new ninth Council District.u

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San Diego Uptown News | June 10–23, 2011


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