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Interview: Tanyaradzwa Chitambo

In this first ever “My ABE” feature, we interview Zimbabwean student, Tanyaradzwa Chitambo, about his experiences of studying for an ABE qualification.

Tell us a bit about yourself – where you’re from, family, educational background etc. I am from Zimbabwe originally. I come from a family of four and I am the second born. After my ‘A’ levels I travelled to England where I am currently studying for my Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management, which I think is a good career booster. Leicester is my second home.

Why did you choose to study ABE? Studying ABE has a professional feel to it and employers are looking for people who have practical knowledge which ABE offers. ABE also gives you a fast track, quality-based route to a degree qualification.

Where did you study/are you studying your ABE course? Leicester Commercial College

Do you plan to continue studying after you have completed your current ABE qualification? Where? (i.e. more ABE/university/training college etc.) Yes, I plan to go for my Master’s either at Warwick University or Edinburgh Heriot Watt University.

What is the best thing about studying ABE?

A vast knowledge network, availability PAGE 8 | MAY 2011 | student focus A MAGAZINE FOR ABE STUDENTS

of reading resources and tutorial lectures from the head office. Opportunities which are second to none, and which also give me a competitive advantage as far as job prospects are concerned.

How do you find living and studying in the UK? It is fantastic! The UK is very diverse with numerous tourist attractions. Reading resources are readily available, with easy access to the internet at free wifi hotspots all over the UK.

What advice could you offer someone who is thinking of studying ABE either in the UK or elsewhere? My educational experience has been a good one and I’ve had very helpful advice from the ABE headquarters. The Facebook group has more information, which also informs you about what’s going on around the ABE circuit. Study ABE in the UK and you are destined for a good career.

Do you have any suggestions for improvements or magazine features that would be helpful/ interesting to students? Upcoming events, career prospects advice and experiences of ex-students who have used their qualification to go on to succeed at work.

Who is your inspiration/role model?

My uncle, who is a banker. He is the Managing Director of MBCA Bank Africa.

What are your plans for the future? (Studying/career/dreams etc.) I would like to do a Master’s degree in HRM… and a doctorate later!

Do you have any interesting hobbies? What do you like to do with your spare time? Watching movies and football.

If you became a millionaire as a successful businessman/woman how would you spend your money? I would make investments for my children and wife for the future.

Studying ABE has a professional feel to it and employers are looking for people who have practical knowledge which ABE offers

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