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PE& print optimism springs eternal Editor’s Letter

John Mesenbrink, editorial director


ecently, Plumbing Engineer conducted a reader preference survey, which was sent out to nearly 800 plumbing engineers and specifiers. This ran- dom sampling reflects a national demographic of plumbing engineers.

The survey gauged engineer’s specification activity, membership to trade asso- ciations and societies, and reading habits and preferences. This independent sur- vey, conducted by a prominent engineering association, had more than 100 respondents, and the results were intriguing. Plumbing Engineer would like to thank everyone who participated. As a sampling of PE’s readership, respondents were asked if they specified products to which 86 percent responded yes. As a follow-up to the question, this specific group of engineering professionals were asked if they specify engi- neering products. Eighty-eight percent said they did. When asked the type of firm these engineers were employed, 55 percent

claimed to work for an engineering firm, while 21 percent said architectural/engineering, seven percent responded private industry and 17 per- cent marked “other.” And, when asked which trade association they belonged to, 33 percent of these industry professionals belong to ASHRAE and 16 percent belong to ASPE. Delving into the reader preference part of the survey, when asked which of

the following industry publications offer the most information on plumbing design and engineering, nearly 70 percent prefer Plumbing Engineer, 20 percent of those responding prefer PS&D, while 5 percent prefer Consulting Specifying Engineer, 4 percent prefer Plumbing Mechanical Engineer and 2 percent prefer ASHRAE Journal. An indicator as to how print trade publications are faring, especially in the plumbing and heating profession, Plumbing Engineer asked how these profes- sionals in particular prefer to receive magazines, print versions or online ver- sions. An overwhelming response here sees nearly 85 percent of those still want- ing their information via the print media. With a lingering economic uncertainty and some print publications turning to

digital editions that are strictly delivered online, it is refreshing and comforting, according to this editor and chief, that the plumbing engineering professionals prefer print vs. online media, by a landslide! So it is with the results of this sur- vey that we continue our pledge to you: Plumbing Engineer will continue to bring you the best information to help you perform your jobs. Plumbing Engineer will continue to lead the way as the authoritative source for plumbing, hydronics, fire protection, green systems and PVF. As always, we are always open to suggestions. If you have a suggestion or comment regarding Plumbing Engineer, don’t hesitate to contact us. I am always love to hear from our readers, whether it is a compliment or constructive criticism. Please contact me at n


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