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for their certification needs,” said dawn La fleur-Qualley, ICC-eS PMG certification program manager. “We are working on additional certifications for Tyler Pipe and hope to exceed their expectations from a certification agency.” The ICC-eS PMG (plumbing, mechanical, and fuel gas)

program offers a straightforward and trouble-free product certification process for any and all products referenced in the International Plumbing Code (IPC), International Residential Code (IRC) and other codes related to plumb- ing. “We have noticed the growth of the PMG program as well as the credibility it offers,” said Bill Bliss, vice presi- dent of Tyler Pipe. “Inspectors are looking for the PMG mark of conformity, so we decided to certify with ICC-eS PMG.” The ICC-eS PMG listing program is accredited by the

American national Standards Institute (AnSI) as a product certification entity under ISO/IeC Guide 65:1996, General Requirements for Bodies Operating Product Certification Systems. The PMG program offers a full range of certifica- tion. The ICC-eS PMG program can certify to AB 1953, Annex G of nSf/AnSI 61 and WaterSense and can assist code enforcement professionals in determining whether a plumbing, mechanical

OBITUARY: John Swaffield, Professor Emeritus, Heriott-Watt University

JOHn SWAffIeLd, emeritus Professor of Heriott-Watt University in Scotland, recently died of a heart attack. John taught fluid mechanics for more than 30 years, with specialist research in pressure transients, free surface unsteady flows and water conservation. He was active in many plumbing organizations and was a researcher and professor at Heriott-Watt. He was also a leader in the research on fluid flow in drainage systems. extensive plumbing research

was ongoing at the university labs under his direction. John and his assistants performed numerous research projects and produced papers and studies on AAvs, PAPA devices, siphonic roof drainage and flow in horizontal drains and stacks.

IAPMO, UA publish second edition of backflow prevention reference manual

OnTARIO, CALIf. — In collaboration with the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the United States and Canada (UA), the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) announced the second edition of IAPMO's Backflow Prevention Reference Manual. This manual represents the merging and revision of two of the industry’s most relied upon training manuals, the first

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edition of IAPMO's Backflow Prevention Reference Manual and the UA's Cross-Connection Control Manual. “The second edition of the manual is the result of the col-

laboration of IAPMO and the United Association to create the most comprehensive backflow prevention training man- ual available,” said Gary Hamilton, director of Plumbing Services for the UA. “This manual will serve our industry as a valuable resource and training tool for the protection of potable water systems.” This full color, illustrated reference manual is designed to

teach every aspect of backflow prevention and cross-con- nection control, from identifying and testing the wide vari- ety of backflow prevention assemblies to proper selection and installation of both testable assemblies and non-testable backflow prevention devices. The tester will be able to rec- ognize (and properly document) the symptoms of backflow prevention assembly and device failure, and provide the knowledge needed to repair and ensure that the backflow preventer is performing within industry standards. This manual provides instruction on how to recognize degrees of hazard or potential risks to potable water systems, and whether the proper backflow prevention method, device or assembly has been correctly installed.

Noritz America offers aid to Japan earthquake and tsunami survivors

In An effORT TO PROvIde much needed support to the vic- tims and survivors of the massive earthquake and tsunami that devastated northeastern Japan on March 11, 2011, tan- kless water heater distributor noritz Group has committed to donating $150,000 to the relief efforts. As part of its corporate donation, noritz America has

launched a number of charity initia- tives designed to broaden its support for the disaster relief fund: • Pay It forward. drawing on the

popular ‘Pay It forward’ philan- thropic concept, noritz America will contribute up to $5,000 for each new facebook or Twitter fan received between Mar 25,2011 and April 30, 2011. • employees. noritz America

employees will be able to add their financial support through payroll deductions or by earmarking accrued vacation hours to be donated to the relief effort. • Customers. noritz America will engage customers by

soliciting relief donations during all on-site contractor train- ing programs and customer counter days during 2011. noritz America is sponsoring a website as a vehicle for

its employees and suppliers to make donations to the Japan earthquake survivors through the American Red Cross. To donate visit to learn how you can help.

April 2011

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