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Cemetery Symbolism

Garland and wreaths have been used symbolically, dating back to ancient Greek times. Tey are used as Christian symbols of the victory of the redemption.

A book featured on a tombstone is representative of the Bible and symbolizes faithfulness.

A closed book represents the end of earthly life, a completed life.

A stack of books is usually representative of scholarly accomplishment or education.

Shaking or clasped hands may be farewells to earthly existence or may be the hands of a couple that are to be reunited in death as they once were in life. Te clasped hands symbolize their devotion to each other has not been destroyed by death. Tis was widely used for married couples. Te sleeves denote each hand’s gender.

Te hand pointing upward signifies the reward of the righteous and can also be seen as a confirmation of life aſter death.

A downward pointing hand may be representative of the hand of God. Tis signifies mortality or sudden death.

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