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Peter E. Love

• Peter E. Love was a U.S. Congressman from Tomasville who served in the House of Representatives from 1859-1861. Love was also a judge, an attorney and the co-owner of a local newspaper called the Wiregrass Reporter.

• The resting place of J.C. Peters and his family is marked by a large monument that is easily visible from the cemetery entrance. Peters built the Waverly House, a hotel for northern visitors, on Madison Street in 1881.

• Edward Seixas was also originally from Rhode Island. Seixas was the primary pharmacist for the city of Tomasville, and he also served on the Tomasville City Council. In 1855, Seixas helped select John Wind to build the Tomas County Courthouse, which was completed in 1858.

Seixas’ son, Edward R. Seixas, is also interred in the Old Cemetery. He was shot in the head during a duel in 1860, at the age of 21 years old. He died two weeks later from the injuries he sustained during the duel.

• Thomas J. McBain, known as “Uncle Jeff,” was one of the founders of Te Cotton Planters Bank in 1861. Tis was the first bank to open in Tomas County aſter the Civil War began.

McBain gained success working as the proprietor of the McBain House, a popular hotel-restaurant located at the corner of Smith Avenue and Broad Street. Tis success was achieved in part due to his wife’s culinary skills. In addition to being a successful cook, Rebecca McBain was also a talented confectioner, whose popular candy could be purchased at the hotel.

• There are 38 Confederate soldiers buried in the Old Cemetery.

them lay together. Tese four are Pvt. Tomas C. Bracewell, Co. B; Pvt. Smith G. Homan, Co. F; Sgt. David W. Alderman, Co. E; and Sgt. John. M. Lightfoot, Co. E.

In this specific plot, four of

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