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• Robert H. Harris was a longtime Baptist minister to both Tomasville and Cairo during Tomasville’s Resort Era, when the city was a popular winter resort in the late 19th


He also served as the Principal of the Cairo Academy.

Harris pushed for public funding of education. During the Reconstruction period he lobbied Georgia lawmakers to adopt the 14th Amendment. Tis assured citizens equal protection under the law and citizenship to those born on American soil.

• John G. Fondren was a member of the Georgia 20th’s Cavalry division, Company E, under the command of T.S. Paine. Tis company was known as “Paine’s Babies,” because it was mainly comprised of “old men and young boys.”

Fondren was amongst the largest land owners in Tomas County, including 2,000 acres that were devoted to planting.

• E.J. Young was a successful rice planter and also the top livestock rancher in Tomas County during the 1850s. Young was considered innovative by his peers for having the most economically diversified plantation in the County.


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