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INDUSTRY NEWS Personals Production Pattern and Foundry Inc.,

Carson City, Nevada, has made Stephen Cochran its president, according to the Nevada Appeal.

Bremen Castings Inc., Bremen, Ind.,

hired Steven McQueen Jr. as its director of sales and marketing.

Murat Tiryakioglu, director of the

Univ. of North Florida’s School of Engineering in the College of Com- puting, Engineering and Construc- tion, was awarded the inaugural John Campbell Medal by the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers for his sustained contribution to the science and un- derstanding of metalcasting through research and development.

Palmer Manufacturing & Supply Industry Faces Chuck Fowler, Fairmount Minerals Honored by Community Service Organization

Chuck Fowler, president and chief executive officer of Fairmount Miner- als, Chardon, Ohio, recently accepted a community involvement award from Project Love, Beachwood, Ohio. According to Fowler, the award

was given to Fairmount for its values and community action, as well as its sustainability efforts. The award was presented to Fowler at a ceremony held Dec. 9, 2010. “We’re a mining company, so we do

disturb the earth,” Fowler said. “But we work very hard to do it sustainably for the purpose of ongoing life.” According to Fowler, Fairmount

began its mission to lessen its environ- mental impact in the late 1970s, a time when it was known for destruction in the pursuit of mining Michigan lake sand for use in metalcasting facilities. “We embarked on a program of education and involvement in our com- munities,” Fowler said. “We do in fact do a lot of ‘Good’ in the community, and in that we do ‘Well.’” In 2005, Fairmount began a program

to incorporate sustainable development in every decision it makes. Its employees were brought together for a three-day conference to form teams to push the ini-

18 Chuck Fowler, shown with his wife Charlotte, is president of Fairmount Minerals.

tiative of making decisions with the “3Ps” in mind: people, planet and prosperity. “Sustainable development pays, it

doesn’t cost,” Fowler said. “Each team has a measures system to find out what their program has done from a monetary standpoint, costs and values.” In addition to the Project Love award,

Fairmount has earned environmental awards from Ohio and Illinois. Fowler received the E.J. Walsh award from the Foundry Educational Foundation in 2009. Fowler, a graduate of Purdue Univ.,

began his professional career working for Firestone before moving into the metalcasting sector with General Motors Central Foundry Division, Danville, Ill. He later worked for Dalton Foundry, Warsaw, Ind., and in 1978 became vice president of operations for Martin Mari- etta Corp.’s Industrial Sand Division. The division became Fairmount Minerals in 1984 through a corporate merger. The company began with two plants and 110 employees and has grown to include 21 plants with 600 employees

MC MODERN CASTING / January 2011

Inc., Springfield, Ohio, tapped Gil Catherwood, director of sales-South America, to manage its new sales office in Costa Rica.

Carpenter Brothers Inc., Milwaukee, announced the following changes in titles and job responsibilities: John Carpenter, chief executive officer and chairman; Mike Morrison, president and chief operating officer; John Serra, executive vice president; and Nick Ger- rits, vice president of corporate sales and treasurer.

MC Obituaries Michael Promoli, Cambridge, Ontario,

Canada, died Dec. 7. He was 60. Promoli began working at Crowe Foundry as a

teenager, left to earn a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and an MBA and returned to the company. He eventually became president and served in that capacity until 2009. Promoli was an American Foundry Society (AFS) Director Class 2000, a director of the Iron Castings So- ciety (1985-88), and a director (1983-87) and president (1985-86) of the Canadian Foundry Association.

John Warren, Shillington, Pa., died Dec.

3, according to the Berks County News Reading Eagle. He was 88. The paper re- ports Warren was employed by Rockwell International for 44 years and retired as the director of its casting facilities. He was an active member of AFS, serving on the society’s technical committees.

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