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Chrysler’s Third Round of Investments in Kokomo Is Biggest Yet Chrysler Group LLC, Auburn Hills,

Mich., confirmed it plans to invest $843 million in its transmission manufactur- ing plants in Kokomo, Ind., including the Kokomo Casting Plant. The company said the investment,

pending tax abatement approval by the city of Kokomo, would go towards production of a new front-wheel drive automatic transmission. The investment would fund the installation of equipment and tooling to modernize the Kokomo facilities and help retain nearly 2,250 jobs. Chrysler announced in May 2010 it

would invest $43 million to increase capacity at the Kokomo Casting and Kokomo Transmission plants, adapt them to support production of the World Engine and improve processes for the 62TE transmission program. In June 2010, the company said it would spend an additional $300 million on the facilities to accommodate a new eight-speed automatic transmission.

The latest allocation brings Chrysler’s

total investment in U.S. facilities to nearly $3 billion since June 2009. Com- bined with the previously announced investments in the Kokomo facilities, the new monetary layout would make the city the recipient of the largest in- vestment ($1.1 billion) in a single year in a single community. Chrysler will partner with ZF Group, Friedrichshafen, Germany, on the next generation front-wheel drive transmis- sion. The German company is making its designs and technology available to Chrysler and its Kokomo plants. “For years, Kokomo has been at the

center of our powertrain strategy and, the potential of an additional investment reaffirms that position,” said Sergio Mar- chionne, Chrysler’s chief executive of- ficer. “We…look forward to continuing a partnership that will see the Chrysler Group once again become a successful and competitive enterprise.”

MC Esco to Change Australian Strategy With Purchase of Austcast

GM Puts Another $12 Million in Defiance Casting Plant

General Motors (GM), Detroit, an- nounced it will make a $163.2-million investment in three manufacturing plants, including $12.2 million in the Defiance, Ohio, metalcasting facility. The balance of the investment will

be in the engine facility in Flint, Mich. ($138.3 million), and the component maker in Bay City, Mich. ($12.7 million). The spending is intended to support engine production for the Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Cruze and a new, small Chevrolet to be built in the U.S. The $12.2 million outlay at Defi-

ance will be used to boost produc- tion of engine block and crankshaft castings. The three investments are expected to protect 184 jobs at the manufacturing sites. “This investment is essential in

ensuring we can meet the expected high demand for [these models],” said Kathleen Dilworth, Flint Engine Op- erations plant manager. “These three facilities will continue to play a key role in GM’s resurgence and efforts to bring to market vehicles with segment- leading fuel economy.” Since emerging from bankruptcy in

July 2009, GM has invested more than $3.3 billion in U.S. facilities and created or retained more than 8,000 jobs in 21 (continued on page 13)

Revstone Buys Dexter Foundry Manufacturing conglomerate Rev-

stone Industries LLC, Lexington, Ky., announced it has acquired ferrous green sand caster Dexter Foundry, Fairfield, Iowa. Revstone said the company, pur-

Wear parts maker Esco Corp., Port-

land, Ore., announced it has expanded its metalcasting capacity with the pur- chase of Austcast Pty. Ltd., Brisbane, Australia, and its subsidiary Newlcast, Dunedin, New Zealand. Esco currently sells crusher wear-


parts, bi-metallic buttons, blocks, tooth systems and truck bodies in Australia but supplies the rest of its products to the region through a distribution deal with Bradken Ltd. Esco indicated in its recent announcement it will let that (continued on page 14)

chased from Dexter Apache Holdings Inc. for an undisclosed price, will oper- ate as part of its cast metals group under the name Revstone Castings Fairfield. The facility is the second metalcaster to join Revstone in the past year. The manufacturer purchased a 250,000-sq.- ft. gray iron plant in Vassar, Mich., from (continued on page 14)

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