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34 NAVY NEWS, OCTOBER 2010 News and information for serving personnel

Tell us what you want to know from NFF

BRACE, brace, brace, this

you are on board and in the middle of exercises or barrelling through rough terrain, but more than ever even the land-loving families are hearing this from government departments and media sources, writes Jane Williams of the Naval

middle of October will bring in terms of the Strategic Defence and Security Review the need for feedback and comment is very much sought.

■ The Armed Forces Pay Review Body

The next meeting is planned for October 13 and Kim Richardson, Chair of NFF, is sitting at the table with the express purpose of taking forward the constructive comments about issues that are affecting both Serving personnel and families alike. The NFF have set up feedback

buttons on our website to inform the meeting covering views and thoughts on food and accommodation: what do you think of Pay as you Dine; are families finding that the budget for food and accommodation features within the monthly purse; what comment would you like to make about charges for Service Families Accommodation (SFA)? Feedback up to the wire will be taken...

■ Introduction of new Electronic 1132

Entitled Service Personnel, and others who are eligible, who wish to apply for Service Family Accommodation (SFA) in the United Kingdom will soon be able to do so electronically through the Defence Intranet. Defence Estates Operations Housing has been working on a project to provide an additional way of applying for SFA, with the aim of introducing an e1132 this month.

Families Federation. As we

anticipate what the is a familiar sound if

Applicants will still be able to use the paper version of the application form, as the electronic version will only be available on the Defence Intranet to ensure it is secure. However, it is hoped the e1132 will give applicants greater flexibility in applying for SFA and also speed up the processing of applications.

■ Are you about to become a parent or do you have pre- school aged children? Qinetiq is conducting a study

forthcoming deployment daunting. The workshops will identify issues and

support. For those after a bit of light-hearted entertainment there will be opportunities to undertake craft activities and learn holistic therapies, with a crèche provided. The workshop on


September 16,

on behalf of the MOD to identify the impact of becoming a parent on Serving personnel.

Qinetiq are interested in how becoming a parent has impacted in

interested in what you feel could be done to address any potential impacts on yourself and your family.

would like to find out more or participate in this study please contact: FLEET-DNPS PPOL E&D Lt Cdr Mandy McBain; 02392 625517;

RSCH Liz Moon; 02392 625242. or FLEET-DNPS FP

■ FAFDU is the support group for Friends and Families of Deployed Units. The South West branch, based in Plymouth, is organising a 24-week Deployment Busting workshop for Royal Naval service families. This

Marrie is a top learner

CHEF Marrie Bellingy scooped a top award at the Learndirect Achievement Awards in Bristol. Marie is pictured right holding her Outstanding Learner Award which recognises people who have overcome difficulties, disability or adverse circumstances to succeed. Marrie, who hails from St Vincent, went to Learndirect to improve her English, and successfully completed two qualifications in a matter of weeks.

HMS Drake’s Navy Learndirect centre was highly commended in the Learndirect Centre of the Year award. Marrie will go on to represent

the Navy and Army in the national judging later this year.

Whale Island gets healthier

A HEALTH Awareness Day in the Navy Command Headquarters building at HMS Excellent gave the chance to spread the word about how people can make themselves healthy. The day coincided with the launch of the Naval Service Health Promotion Campaign Plan, with promotional material such as posters, leaflets and cards to promote self-awareness of a healthy life-style. Every ship and submarine in the Fleet should by now have received copies of this material. Lt Doug Wylie said: “This Defence Health Strategy policy will prevent

injury, reduce illness and promote a healthy lifestyle. “This in turn will produce more personnel who are physically fit for their military task and mentally ready for deployment.” The health campaign focuses on six outcomes: reduced smoking; responsible drinking and reduced substance misuse; healthy weight management and improved diet; improved sexual health; improved physical health; and improved mental health. Further promotional material will come out later this year.

support families for whom a current deployment is challenging, or a

new venture aims to

provide a model of what it means to become a parent whilst serving in the Armed Forces, and outline suggestions as to how impacts could be addressed. Qinetiq are particularly interested in the views of men and women of all ranks, who are about to become a parent and those who have pre-school aged children (0-4years). If you agree to take part, a Qinetiq researcher will conduct an interview with you and this will last about one hour. If you fit the description and

The results of this study will your work. They are also

please note that families are invited to join the sessions after the start

and book the sessions they may wish to.


The timings are 13:00 – 14:30, at Radford Family Centre in Plymstock, Plymouth. For further information or to book a place telephone: 01752 406 680.

■ Adventure Breaks in Germany The Naval Outdoor Centre

Germany (NOCG) is the Naval Services multi activity centre, based in the beautiful Allgäu area of Bavaria, Southern Germany. There are plenty of adventurous activities on offer including skiing with no personal contribution for the standard packages (Serving personnel).

The NOCG is now taking bookings for the 2010/2011 Winter season. Additionally the centre is running a family package over the Christmas leave period with subsidies available for members. Visit and follow the links to find out more.

■ Living Abroad? Advice on Credit Checks

service, such as a loan or mortgage, you are subject to a credit check to determine your suitability. Financial companies refer to Credit Reference Agencies to confirm your name and address.

When applying for a financial

skate/blade, crawl...whatever! On Sunday October 24 join the

run, scoot, space hopper, roller

famous Goodwood Motor Circuit? Cycle,

Royal Navy and Royal Marines Childrens Fund at the Goodwood Motor Circuit with family or friends and experience the thrill of going around the world famous Motor Circuit (unfortunately motorized vehicles are not permitted on this occasion) and raise money for the children from the Navy and Marines – a fun day out is guaranteed. Everyone

everyone will benefit: is welcome

per family or £2 individually. Sponsorship forms are available to raise much needed funds. The day will also include picnic area on the lawns, bouncy castle, balloon race plus stands.

access and car parking.

information pack contact Claire Scherer on 01243 787807 or Your experiences form the basis of our discussions, e-mail:

telephone: 02392 654374 or write to: NFF, Castaway House, 311 Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth, PO2 8RN.

Mandy’s on the way up

LT CDR Mandy McBain (pictured right) has moved 20 places up the rankings, and is now teetering on the brink

of becoming one

of the top 50 most infl uential fi gures in the UK gay and lesbian community. Drawn up by The Independent on Sunday, Mandy now resides in 51st place, up from 71st last year, in the ‘Pink List 2010’ and has leapt ahead of such media figures as Lord Mandelson and Gok Wan. Voted for by a panel of influential

gay and lesbian people – including presenter Claire Balding, former Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw and Stonewall chief executive Ben Summerskill, Mandy was recognised for her efforts in influencing attitudes towards LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual) personnel in the Naval service.

She is currently one of the

Naval Service Equality and Diversity policy officers at Navy Command HQ in Portsmouth, working in a small team that develops policy regarding gender, gender reassignment, race and ethnicity,

religion or belief, and

sexual orientation. She said: “I could never have the changes I’ve

imagined that

seen to include lesbian and gay personnel fully in the Navy could

have been made. “I feel very privileged to be in a position to be playing a part in taking the changes forward.” She is the chair of the Naval

Service LGBT forum which was established in October 2008. Mandy joined the Navy in 1986

as a Writer and went to BRNC in 1989.

She is a Logistics Officer and has had a variety of appointments during her Service including being a member of the Admiralty Interview Board and spokesperson to the European Forces in Bosnia., so

There is wheelchair For an

refreshment Entry £5 and get however, provide information and

Addresses are taken from the Electoral Roll, which can cause problems for Service personnel or families living abroad, who register their main address as outside the UK.

The Service families Task Force has produced a factsheet with useful contacts and information. Visit and follow the links to view or print off the factsheet.

Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund How will you around

the The Stress busters

THERE’S a small team of stress management practitioners based on Whale Island who are helping people learn to recognise the signs of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and other issues in the men and women of the Senior Service.

stress management team – usually known as TRiM for Traumatic Risk Management – has grown from a recognition that people need to talk to someone and tell their story.

The non-medical operational

problems can follow: bad sleep patterns; blame issues; flashbacks; previous incidents;

dependence; social isolation. “We encourage people to make real contact with their partners. To ask ‘What was Herrick like for you?’


home – hearing of deaths on the news, seeing a strange car pull up outside the house. “And once you’ve heard their

The team are primarily responsible for the training of TRiM to all ships, establishments and units; as well as general traumatic stress advice to command teams.

story, tell yours. Only a part at a time. Only the comfortable

open up.” TRiM works

TRiM practitioners are also called in after any specific traumatic incident which may have the potential to cause long- term problems for individuals caught up in the event. After an incident, people are encouraged to open up about what happened; three days later; then 28 days later. The initial chat can sometimes

work as a group, sometimes as individuals. The follow-up is always a one-to-one consultation. Maj Cameron March RM said:

“It’s always very difficult to say ‘I’m the wobbly wheel on the wagon’ in a group setting.” There are certain well- researched factors that when enough are bundled together,

of Serviceman supporting Serviceman.

– if it fell down and hit the deck, it doesn’t take much to push the pieces back together. But sometimes for some reason the impact is too great. “Most people, by and large, get

better; but some need extra help. “They look at it as psychological Osprey body armour.” The major admits that Royal

He added: “TRiM is a component part amidst a lot of other component parts.

where to look

DEFENCE INTERNAL BRIEFS (DIBS) 55/10: Changes to the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS): The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) was recently reviewed by the former Chief of the Defence Staff, Admiral the Lord Boyce. The Review found that whilst the scheme is fundamentally sound, there were several areas where recommendations were made for improvement.

57/10: Changes to Rest and Recuperation (R&R) Policy: Secretary of State, Dr Liam Fox announced changes to the policy governing Rest and Recuperation (R&R) for Service Personnel deployed on operations. The Coalition Programme for Government laid out the Government’s intention to rebuild the military covenant, including optimising R&R for those deployed.

59/10: Changes to eligibility for the Afghanistan Operational Service Medal and the Iraq Medal: Following a recent review by the Chiefs of Staff, it has now been approved by the Queen that members of the Armed Forces and civil servants will no longer have to serve for 30 continuous days in order to qualify for the Afghanistan Operational Service Medal and/or the Iraq Medal. 60/10: Launch of the Defence Reform

Review: Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox launched a full and fundamental review of how the Ministry of Defence is run. 61/10: Strategic Defence & Security Review (SDSR) – PUS and CDS message for Defence personnel: Permanent Secretary Sir Bill Jeffrey and Chief of the Defence Staff Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup have sent a message to Defence personnel as we move closer to the date when the outcome of the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) will be announced.

62/10: Publication of the Army

Inspector’s Report into Detainee Handling: A report into detainee handling by the British Army.

63/10: New Permanent Secretary appointed: The Prime Minister, with the agreement of the Secretary of State for Defence, has approved the appointment of Ursula Brennan to become Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence. 65/10: Public support for our deployed personnel and sending gifts at Christmas: With 100 days to go until Christmas, the MOD is launching a campaign to remind members of the public how to express their support other than by sending unsolicited gifts and packages. 66/10: UK force rebalancing in central

Helmand: UK forces transferred responsibility for security in Sangin in northern Helmand province to US forces on September 20 2010; the fi nal step in rebalancing of troops throughout Helmand, and in response to the overall increase of ISAF and Afghan National Security Forces personnel.

DEFENCE INSTRUCTIONS AND NOTICES DIN 2010 DIN01-132: 2011 Pilgrimage by the Royal Navy Contingent of HCPT – The Pilgrimage Trust

DIN 2010 DIN01-133: Streamlined

routes to professional registration with the Engineering Council for Royal Navy Marine Engineers and Technicians DIN 2010 DIN01-135: Decrease in the Overseas Incidental Expenses Allowance (IEA)

DIN 2010 DIN01-138: Overseas Allowances: Allowance

Civilian Boarding School

DIN 2010 DIN01-141: Overseas – Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) DIN 2010 DIN01-142: The Multiple Society

Sclerosis of Great Britain and

Northern Ireland. Mutual Support – The Armed Forces International Support Group DIN 2010 DIN01-146: Manning priorities for the Naval Service DIN 2010 DIN01-150: Winter Sports

Travel DIN 2010 DIN01-153: Statement of

principles of fairness for the handling of Service Complaints

DIN 2010 DIN01-156: Information for Classic, Classic Plus, Premium and Nuvos pension members. Taking your pension before your scheme pension age DIN 2010 DIN01-159: Service Life

Insurance (SLI)

DIN 2010 DIN01-160: Formation of the Defence Cultural Specialist Unit and Cultural Specialist courses

DIN 2010 DIN02-012: Volunteers for Specialist Debriefi ng Duties (SpDD) DIN 2010 DIN02-015: National Security

Vetting – Extension of validity periods DIN 2010 DIN02-017: Volunteers for Specialist HUMINT Duties – Op Samson DIN 2010 DIN05-044: The MOD Policy on fraud, theft, corruption, bribery and irregularity

Defence Travel

DIN 2010 DIN05-046: Utilisation of DIN 2010 DIN06-025: Defence Road

Safety Week November 22-26 2010 DIN 2010 DIN07-123: Course dates for UK Special Forces Group volunteers


Galaxy 16-2010: Employment of females in the Clearance Diver specialisation Galaxy 18-2010: Access to NHS

Dentistry Galaxy 19-2010: Changes to the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

ROYAL NAVY TEMPORY MEMORANDA Issue 09/10, No 162/10: Management of

alcohol problems in the workplace - Divisional Staff Training September 7-8 2010 Issue 09/10, No 165/10: Administration

and approval of Service penalties – Revised procedure for the award of Career Checks Issue 09/10, No 167/10: Ship Administration Check (Engineering) Surface Ships

Issue 09/10, No 169/10: Command Team training for DD/FF/LPD/LPH/CVS Issue 09/10, No 171/10: DNPERS

Waterfront Management Offi cers – name change

Issue 09/10, No 172/10: Royal Navy Engineering bursars recruiting bounty - ‘Recruit an oppo’

Issue 09/10, No 176/10: Administration

of Offi cers’ Sea Training Issue 09/10, No 177/10: Introduction of a Royal Navy ‘Flash’ worn on the MkIV foul weather jacket

Issue 09/10, No 178/10: HMS Walney decommissioning and disposal Issue 09/10, No 179/10: Safeguarding vulnerable groups – the process of referral to the Independent Safeguarding Authority – ISA


Issue 09/10, No 180/10: Further required

in the standard

discipline recording on JPA Issue 10/10, No 181/10: Long Look 2010 – Annual reciprocal exchange of personnel between RN, RAN and RNZN Issue 10/10, No 182/10: The Royal Navy Day by Day

Issue 10/10, No 183/10: White Ensign Association autumn term visit programme 2010

Issue 10/10, No 184/10: Seaman Specialists written provisional examination Issue 10/10 RNTM 185/10: The conduct and administration of the Annual Seamanship Safety Check (ASSC)

Issue 10/10 RNTM 186/10: The Naval Service Dependants Fund (NSDF) Issue 10/10 RNTM 189/10: The 2011 Naval Review Fellowship Issue 10/10 RNTM 191/10: Royal Navy Perisher Dinner – March 24 2011 Issue 10/10 RNTM 192/10: External validation of training within the Naval Service

Issue 10/10 RNTM 193/10: Uniformity in the completion of Form S71 in HM Ships Issue 10/10 RNTM 194/10: Senior Rates and Leading Rates Leadership Courses (SRLC/LRLC) at the Royal Naval Leadership Academy (RNLA), HMS Collingwood Issue 10/10 RNTM 195/10: Update of competence requirements for Marine Engineering department Senior Rates Issue 10/10 RNTM 196/10: Personnel

OPDEF Procedures Issue 10/10 RNTM 198/10: Premature

discharge within three months of completing Service and [ension entitlement Issue 10/10 RNTM 200/10: Updated Home Offi ce advice on British citizenship for children of Foreign and Commonwealth citizens born while on overseas postings

Marines are more ready to deal with TRiM – they expect to see up close the harsh realities of active service.

“They are all essential tenets for doing well. TRiM forms a part of that.”

“The concept is like a picture

with. But start to

bits you are to

the concept

“Sometimes it is the first time realised

the issues at alcohol

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