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KLASHNEKOFF ‘Back To The Sagas’ (Abstract Urban)

East London rapper Klashnekoff is back after an album with producer Joe Buddha, this time taking tracks from a team of Smasher, Skriblah, and D.Ablo, with merely one assist from Buddha, who turns in the paranoid, menacing highlight ‘Tek Time.’ The beats here are uniformly solid, key- centric affairs, seemingly taking sonic cues from the organ washes of such Southern hip-hop luminaries as UGK. Lead single ‘Paper Up’ is nails, but as a whole the album wallows languorously in its pace, never mustering enough energy to yield even one hyperkinetic

banger. Still, the man is on point with his patois-infl ected fl ow, and aside from the ‘for the ladies’ misstep of ‘Forever More,’ his lyrics are menacing and intelligent — K-Lash likes weed, hates record labels, and isn’t too jazzed about the government either. Check this if you like your hip-hop dark and sombre, and want to leave the pop- rap piffl e at home. DREW MILLARD

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