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lead generation
What does ‘good’
look like?
Grant Stevens, MD of Leadbay, considers how you can identify the
best for your business
best results for them. nullt these activities could possibly help with.
are not always the same for different nullpectation played a bit part
people or different business models. too. nullthough the very successful
Grant Stevens,
When nulldid this modelling enullrcise advisers converted many times more
in a previous business we discovered leads to business than their peers
that our two best performers actually and colleaguesnull they said that they
behaved in completely different waysnull recognised that they often needed more
Why is it that some people can buy one was a highly skilled closer whereas internet leads for a sale compared with
leads and be hugely successful and the other had an incredibly high an introduction from a referral or
someone buying the same number of activity rate but both produced similar a partner so they werennullt disheartened
leads struggles to convert more than sales levels. We used the modelling if it took a few leads to get an
a handful? This is the question that technique to develop the optimum appointment.
has been facing advisers and lead process and then coached the busy guy They also recognised that the cost
generators alike for some time. in sales skills and motivated the skilled basis was different toonullso although
Some large firms of advisers have closer to become more active. nullth it could take time to get a lead to
built their success almost purely on then improved massively. appointmentnullthe overall cost of the
buying leads whilst others find buying null was the same in our study of leads and the time takennullwas often
leads hugely frustrating. So what is the advisers who were good at converting lower than that which would be paid to
difference? Why are some firms and leads. nullt all the very successful lead a tied agentnullsuch as an estate agencynull
advisers more successful with leads converters were strong in the same who would take sinullable cut of the case
than others - and if you could ‘modelnull areas. Some of the very successful written.
the very best and get all your advisers to sales people we looked at were
do the same how different would your especially good on the telephonenullsome IdentIfyIng excellence
business look? specialised in rapport buildingnullsome in To identify enullellence in your own
nulladbay has done some researchnull in-depth fact finding and needs analysisnull organisation you can also take a
we looked at nullst what it is that the best others enullelled in closing and yet others detailed look at what is happening in
sales people do that makes them more in getting referrals. both your successful and unsuccessful
successful and what you can do to The thing that was common amongst sales efforts. nullentify and model what
identify enullctly what ‘goodnulllooks like for all the very successful people we looked the most successful performers donullstep
your business. atnullregardless of skill set was attitude. by step for enullmplenullfind out who in
null understanding what techniques the The people who converted the most your organisation is great at what they
most successful advisers use you can leads tended to view each lead as a donullmodel the people who are strongest
replicate that same behaviour in your potential customer for the long term. in each areanullusing what younulle learnt to
business to make it more successful. These advisers were hugely proactive define a process that can be applied to
and viewed the consumernulls initial all your sales staff. nullep an open mind
SecretS of SucceSS enquiry nullst as a way in nulla reason to too as even the best performers can
The most successful sales people speak to the client in the first place often still improve.
seem to have developed a pattern of that would give them an opportunity to null lead buyingnullkey areas to look at can
behaviour and activities that produce the identify what needs they had that they includenull
null mortgage introducer March nullnull
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