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Lighting fires
Oscar Wilde
“Arguments are to
The benefits of global learning
be avoided; they are
always vulgar and often
“Biography lends to death a
new terror.”
“Consistency is the last
refuge of the unimaginative.”
“Every portrait that is
painted with feeling is a
portrait of the artist, not of
the sitter.”
“Fashion is a form of
ugliness so intolerable that
we have to alter it every six
“Genius is born – not paid.”
“I am not young enough to
know everything.”
It’s not about the ‘right’ answer
“I think that God in
Furthermore, in line with the duty on schools to creative thinking among young people about their place
promote community cohesion, global learners: It can seem daunting to teach about the complex and in our rapidly changing interdependent world. Visit:
creating Man somewhat
• Understand others. controversial issues which impact on young people’s
• Value diversity. lives now and in the future. The Global Dimension website itself can be found at
overestimated his ability.”
• Develop shared values. However, it is worth bearing in mind that often there
• Are aware of human rights and how to apply and is no “right” answer to global challenges, and that global
defend them. learning is not about imparting one, but about allowing
• Develop skills of participation and responsible young people to come to their own conclusions.
action. In giving young people opportunities to enquire into
and grapple with a range of perspectives, analysing the
Every Child Matters (ECM)
context, evidence-base and values of each, you can
Global learning aligns with ECM outcomes as well. support young people to become critical and creative
For example: thinkers.
• Addressing racism, bullying, and their impact Effective global learning activities are participatory
on mental health links to the ECM outcome, “Be and often involve group work and classroom discussion
Healthy”. and debate.
• Young people can “Enjoy and achieve” when Useful techniques for structuring discussion in every SCHOOL NURSES
learning links to their experiences in a globalised teachers’ toolkit include open questioning (particularly
world. use of the question “why?”), formal debates, circle-
• Exploring worker’s rights both in the UK and time, and snowball discussions that start in small
globally can contribute to the “Achieve economic groups and get bigger as groups share their ideas.
wellbeing” outcome. Other examples include role-play and activities that
• “Making a positive contribution” can include challenge students to rank a range of statements in order
actively making a difference on global issues (for of importance, or express their opinion physically by
example, through fundraising, lobbying or personal standing on a spectrum from agree to disagree.
A global dimension
A properly resourced school nursing service
Getting started
The Ipsos MORI study found that 80 per cent of
There are eight overlapping concepts that are at the teachers questioned agreed that thinking about how
is required to help schools meet the
heart of global learning and educators can bring these teaching contributes to making the world a better place
out in different ways depending upon the context. motivates them to stay in teaching.
government’s health and wellbeing objectives.
These are: You may find, like me, that once you have
• Global citizenship. incorporated a global learning activity into your lessons,
• Social justice. you want to go further.
• Diversity. There are a huge range of ways in which you Research published in the British Journal
• Human rights. can build on the global dimension in your school
• Interdependence. from bringing outside speakers into assembly and
of School Nursing (BJSN) shows that
• Conflict resolution. running separately timetabled global learning days, to
• Values and perceptions. incorporating a global dimension into development
more school nurses are needed to meet these
• Sustainable development. plans and policies.
Global learning explores our connections with the As well as lesson ideas, the global dimension
rest of the world, challenging learners to engage with website includes resources to help you develop a
objectives and ensure school children receive the
complex global issues. whole-school global dimension.
There is a global dimension to any topic or issue.
health care and support they deserve. Therefore
Geography, religious studies and citizenship in • Kate Brown is DEA schools programme manager and
particular lend themselves to global learning, but there a teacher of geography and citizenship.
the BJSN has launched a campaign to increase the
are opportunities in every subject to make the links
between our lives and the lives of others in an inter-
Further information
number of school nurses.
connected world and to challenge assumptions and If you are looking for more support, contact your local
stereotypes about other people and places. Development Education Centre. These are independent
The boxout (see left) gives you some examples centres around the country which aim to raise the
and ideas to build on. Another good starting point is to profile of global issues. Visit
take a look at the main resource for global learning, the decs.asp
Global Dimension website (see further information). Another way to get involved with the broader
For more information on the campaign visit
This free website provides curriculum guidance, global learning movement is to sign up to DEA’s
alongside a thousand reviewed teaching resources and a global learning charter. Adding your school’s name to
range of case studies. It can be searched by year group, a growing list of signatories will mean you will be kept
Support the campaign or send us your views at:
subject (e.g. maths), and topic (e.g. Fair Trade). up-to-date with a series of actions, events and activities
The site also provides a termly newsletter with new to promote global learning.
case studies and teaching resources and DEA produces It also adds your school’s voice to a growing
a free global wallplanner for schools which you can movement of support for global learning which
order from the website. recognises the significance of fostering critical and
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