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Delivering a Diploma
this year?
The number of 14-19 year olds taking the new Diploma
is increasing fast – that’s why we’re offering more and
more support for practitioners.
With Diploma Support you can choose ‡-RLQWKHGLVFXVVLRQRQOLQH
from a wide range of options that best Our online line of learning forums
fit the needs of your consortium – from are becoming a thriving hub where
classroom management, curriculum
practitioners from across the country
planning to working with employers
can discuss their experiences and
and more.
share best practice in their line.
All our face-to-face support modules ‡$OOWKLVDQGPRUH
are fully funded, quick and easy to
apply for online and we’ll arrange “Diploma Support helped me
them at a time and place to suit you.
to get a real grasp of what is
‡)DFHWRIDFHVXSSRUW entailed in delivering an
Modules can be delivered in
exciting and inspiring ELB
combination with each other to
match your needs. Just select what
course. The excellent training
you want and book online.
and support our team has
experienced will be invaluable
Meet fellow practitioners and share
in helping us to ensure that
ideas. Meeting dates are online now
all of our practitioners and
in each line of learning.
learners get off to a flying
start next September.”
Environmental and Land-based Studies
‡6LJQXSIRUIUHHHDOHUWV line lead, Newcastle -upon-Tyne
Apply for your support today
Delivered by
LSN, Pearson and The Workshop
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