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Above and beyond: a tool for
many subjects
The Academy uses google earth to
engage people on issues of science and
sustainability, but it can be used to illumi-
nate literature, history, geography, math,
economics, and much more. google earth
is a powerful learning treasure chest that
can help students conceptualize, visualize,
and communicate information about the
world in which they live.
google earth provides a way for stu-
dents to learn complex material visually.
For example Sky, Moon, and Mars in
google earth provide an unprecedented
look at millions of stars and galaxies, as
well as current and historical information.
Students can take tours of landing sites,
narrated by Apollo astronauts, zoom into
360-degree photos to see astronauts’ foot-
prints, and even be the first human to view
images downloaded by NASA just hours
ago. This is a fantastic way to integrate
history, science, and technology. There are
countless other ways to use google earth
Students come face
to face with the
for single subject lessons or to integrate
Academy’s Philippine
subjects. google has developed a Web site
coral reef.
that guides teachers in using google earth
in the classroom.
As educators, we strive to make all
leader at Google. She is working to help teach-
ers use the power of Google Earth, Sky, Moon,
our lessons come to life for our students.
Mars, SketchUp, and Maps in classrooms. She
google earth enables students to visit
also writes developer documentation for several
places to which they cannot physically go Google products.
and to see the unthinkable. It engages stu-
dents, creates compelling and meaningful
learning experiences, and helps students
become geographically literate. From his-
tory to environmental science, google Download google earth
earth can help bring a world of informa-
onto your computer.
tion alive for students. Whether it is a local
google for educators: google earth. Ideas on
beach, the depths of the world’s oceans, or how to use google earth in your classroom.
Mars, using google earth makes it real. It
makes real explorers of us all. !
ocean_exhibits_quiz.kmz. go here to access the
California Academy of Sciences Ocean Science
Quiz and Tour.
Jill Bible is the Curriculum Developer for the
Teacher Institute on Science and Sustainabil-
lessons/google-earth-geology-field-trip/. The
ity at the California Academy of Sciences. Jill
California Academy of Sciences California
designs curriculum, teaches teacher profes-
geology Flight.
sional development workshops, and provides
in-classroom mentorship on science and sustain- lessons/green-buildings-virtual-tour/. California
ability. Academy of Sciences green Buildings Tour.
Tina Ornduff is an Engineering Productivity
Manager and Geo Education Outreach team
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