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Electronic technology
we discuss the
importance of I know I’ve been a little hard on modern
solar energy technology with my ramblings. Please don’t
as a renewable get me wrong, I enjoy computers, all the
resource while devices that make our lives easier, and the
we currently merits they offer to society. However, these
work as a soci- devices are only tools. As part of the state-
ety to move wide technology requirements, I too need to
away from fossil schedule my classes on occasion in the com-
fuels. puter lab for projects to keep in line with our
To relate school-wide technology curriculum require-
New Hampshire
energy con- ments.
Chronicle, a television
sumption to the One computer program I work with is
program on WMUR, world around us, I bring in a copy of iMovie HD, where the students learn digi-
featured South Meadow
my electric bill that shows the energy tal movie editing. To combine this with my
School recently.
usage for the past year as a bar chart. I IAT curriculum and keep in line with state
have the students find the mean, median, standards, I have the students make a “safety
and mode for the twelve-month period film.” The content of the footage reinforces
displayed on the bar chart. With this these concepts by having the students act out
data, we discuss why certain months skits that demonstrate safe practices in the
had greater or lesser kilowatt usage. IAT room as well as examples of following
This brings reality to the project by classroom rules. The students are engaged
connecting it to a real world example. with the projects because they are having fun
Dwain Hammett has
We discuss the benefit to our world if working with footage of themselves and/or
been teaching Integrated
alternative energy were the main source their friends. At the same time, they are
Art and Technology to
sixth- and seventh-grade
of our power and how the environment learning the tools of the program and being
students at the South
would be improved by reducing pollu- creative.
Meadow School, a public tion. Where the students are so hungry for this
middle school in Peter-
eventually, several groups will be kind of experience, it is unfortunate that there
borough, New Hampshire,
selected to compete against other schools is a trend in some districts to replace hands-
since the fall of 2000.
in a competitive event called the Junior on work with “canned” programs, where the
Prior to teaching IAT,
Dwain taught art and
Solar Sprint. The winners of the regional students primarily go from one module to
music at the elementary
competition will have the opportunity another to explore problem-solving virtually,
level and worked in a vari- to compete in the Northeast Champion- on a computer. I certainly hope these virtual
ety of trades.
ship where students representing schools programs are followed up by an applied phys-
from other states will attend. ical experience.
When an individual works with their
hands, he or she gets a sense confidence, of
feeling capable. When people feel capable,
they learn to trust themselves. When they
trust themselves, they’ll be empowered and
have the confidence to take risks. The experi-
ence of working with one’s hands can transfer
metaphorically to other avenues of life.
I am fortunate to work at a school with
a supportive administrator and a high qual-
ity group of colleagues. you can get a better
idea of the big picture at the South Meadow
School by going to the link of the recent New
Hampshire Chronicle profile at the top of
The author and
his class, in a
this page.!
photo signed by
President Obama
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