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Teacher awarded £55,000 compensation after she slipped
and fell on a ramp. Following the accident she was on crutches
for five months and underwent intensive physiotherapy. The
judge ruled that the council should have realised that the ramp
posed a risk. He added that non-slip flooring should have been


Kitchen worker slip costs employer over £36,000. When a
restaurant worker fractured her skull following a slip, the Judge
said "This was a very serious accident, one which was wholly
preventable. Every employer has a duty under law to protect its
employees from physical harm - something that [the company]
blatantly failed to do. There had been four similar accidents in
their kitchen during the previous 12 months, yet they still failed to


It's your duty to conduct a Risk Assessment on all your floorings,
walkways, stairs, ramps, baths and showers.

For a quotation and to see if you qualify for a Free Slip Risk
Assessment, contact us on 01253 708008.

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