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SkidProof has been tested by the UK Government's Health & Safety labs
(a department of the Health & Safety Executive), SATRA and the University of
Vienna, Austria. It is proven to dramatically increase the coefficient of friction (grip,
traction) under all conditions.
Different environments have different requirements. Kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools and
hospitals need to have a balance between slip resistance and hygiene. While external decking and
ramps or oil contaminated areas require maximum slip resistance, with hygiene, a less important
factor. Only SkidProof can be individually tailored to all situations.
SkidProof is:
• professionally applied and tested
• carries a minimum 2 year warranty
• can be used internally or externally
• exceeds UK and European standards.
A certificate of conformity is issued upon completion. This should be added to and form part of your
risk assessment.
No acids or aggregates!
A big problem for many organisations has been that they haven't been able to protect their floors.
Why? Because existing acid or aggregate based treatments can't be applied to the majority of floor
types. Acid damages the surface and reduces the lifespan of the floor. It requires complex cleaning
regimes, and fundamentally changes the appearance of the flooring. In the case of wood,
laminates, plastics metals or vinyl’s, it simply won't work.
Many competitors claim that their treatments are acid or aggregate free, but "scratch the surface"
and it soon becomes clear that they're not being totally honest.
Do not allow your floors to be acid etched.
SkidProof is non-toxic and is not a culture medium (important for hospitals, kitchens, food & other
bacteriologically sensitive areas).
SkidProof is unique, that's why it's protected by a global patent.
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