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Meet the new dean of students
Maggie Browning
relatively quiet campus greeted the new Vice President I was a professor for 22 years, most of that time at Princeton,
for Student Affairs/Dean of Students Maggie Browning, and I approach student life as another kind of educational
former associate professor of linguistics and master of opportunity. I’m hoping to work with the Dean of Fac-
Wilson College at Princeton University. It was, after all, mid- ulty Bob Cave, and the faculty in general to think about
June and the calm allowed her to manage a home renova- residential life as another venue for learning, to bring the
tion, explore the campus, search for a coffee shop comparable faculty into the students’ lives in informal, relaxed ways, and
to Small World Coffee in New Jersey (still looking!), and get to help the students think about ways that they can transform
up to speed on HMC’s residential life and student support their lives outside the classroom into a rich educational expe-
programs managed by her staff in the offices of Institutional rience. College is a time where we learn who we are and what
Diversity, Career Services and Registrar. Though the summer we want to know and how we’re able to learn that. One thing
calm has been replaced by a bustling semester of activities, about faculty, we became professors because we love to learn,
Browning says her experience thus far has been “exciting and and it’s something that permeates our lives. I would really like
wonderful.” Here is the perspective of HMC’s newest vice to find a way for faculty and students to share that outside the
president in her own words. classroom.
The thing that strikes me about Harvey Mudd is the extent It was very important to me that I not walk in the door
to which the commitment to collaboration is strong at all and say, “Okay, here’s my plan for Harvey Mudd.” I want to
levels. The students work together. The faculty and students spend some time learning how things are done here and what
work together. The faculty work together. I’ve never worked the priorities are. That doesn’t mean I’m not changing things.
with a cabinet [the college’s senior staff] that is this collabora- I bring my perspective to this job, and I think just by being
tive and collegial, and the same is true for my staff. who I am in this position certain things have already begun to
change around me. Especially with regard to the connections
with the faculty, I want to see how that develops and get more
of a feel for what the faculty want from Student Affairs.
10 Harvey Mudd College FALL/WINTER 2009
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