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Delta hands out award
Building management system installer
Building Environment Control (BEC) has won
a Top Ten Sales Award from Delta Controls, the
developer and manufacturer of high-quality
native BACnet building automation systems.
BEC was one of two UK companies that won
a place, beating off competition from Delta’s
90 pan-European partners.
“It’s great to be honoured with this award,” management solution to suit their needs.”
says Nick Payne, BEC’s managing director. “We l Email or call
offer customers a specifically tailored building 01923 432651
Snakes alive! in-room humidifiers are installed in the snake
JS Humidifiers has rooms to maintain the required humidity for
supplied and installed the health and comfort of the animals.
five Neptronic SKR The Neptronic SKR steam humidifier can
steam humidifiers to supply between 3.5 and 5.5kg of steam per
Energy reduction system the Alistair Reid Venom hour. It is easy to install and use, and requires
launched Research Unit at the only a single-phase power supply.
Holophane Lighting’s new ecapsule is a Liverpool School of l Email
simple to retrofit energy reduction system, Tropical Medicine. The or call 01903 850200
designed for use with the company’s
Prismpack and Prismalume hi-bay luminaires,
which enables 0-10V dimming of 320W to
Solution to reduce energy
400W metal halide lamps down to 25 per Dalkia CarbonCare
cent of initial lumens. As such, the ecapsule provides
has the potential to reduce the energy organisations
consumption of existing installations by up with a solution
to 50 per cent, with typical paybacks within 12 for reducing their
months. energy use in
Installation is straightforward, simply preparation for the
requiring replacement of the existing magnetic forthcoming Carbon Reduction Commitment
capsule with the new electronic capsule – and
Classroom ventilation units
(CRC). The CRC will apply to all organisations
retaining the existing glass reflector. This
Aircraft Air Handling’s 260mm-high
where the total half-hourly metered electricity
switch to electronic control gear reduces the
classroom ventilation units. Silenced to
use for 2008 was 6,000 MWh or over.
lamp’s lumen depreciation so it will often be
nr25. Plate recuperater 60 per cent efficient.
It commences its first phase in April 2010
possible to replace 400W lamps with 350W,
Air Volume 0-500 litre/s. Heating LPHW/
and all organisations must register for the
resulting in a lower installed electrical load
ELECTRIC. Cooling CW/DX. Larger air
CRC during 2010. Failure to do so, and failure
and even further energy savings.
volumes and bespoke units available.
to comply with the payment and reporting
l Visit
l Visit
requirements of the scheme thereafter, will
result in heavy penalties.
l Visit
Anti-bacteria technology
spread of infection in public places.
With the spread of bacteria at The Microban antibacterial
the top of the public health technology is built into the lift Memera range redesigned
agenda, the UK supplier of button interface at the point The feature-packed
lift components and control of manufacture, providing MEM Memera
systems, LiftStore, is launching a continuous protection against Consumer Unit
range of call and control buttons, bacteria such as staphylococcus range has been
engineered with built-in antibacterial aureus, E. coli, and MRSA. redesigned and
Microban technology, to help reduce the l Email expanded. It
now includes
Comfort control system
units developed
specifically to
TITAN Products has recently launched its new overcome problems faced by installers
FCU4/RDU comfort control system. endeavouring to meet the requirements of
The FCU-4 has the ability to be used in the 17th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations
standalone applications, or with its inbuilt (BS 7671), in particular the need for more
BACnet communications as part of an wiring space when units are fitted with RCBO
integrated building management system. protection of individual outgoing circuits.
The RDU is available in two versions. The range supersedes the Memera 2000
The RCU/STD is a flush mounted user hotel bedrooms. and 2000AD ranges. Devices will continue to
interface, while the RDU/CR integrates a hotel l Visit www. be available to fit these units.
card key reader and is designed for use in l Visit
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