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Aman at
● HMS Portland’s Lynx Osprey prepares for the fl ypast as Aman
2009 draws to a close with an International Fleet Review off
Karachi Pictures: LA(Phot) Alex Cave, FRPU East
HERE’S never Aman
With their depth of experience in yet (and one which didn’t entirtiireely ly y
around when you
mine warfare east of Suez this past understand the nuances of RN ff RRN N
need one…
decade, the Crazy A and Grimsby humour…).
knuckled down to their tasks with Thus did the curtain come comomo e e
Unless you’re aboard HMS
relish – and found every mine laid down on Aman. Portland resumed umedmeed
Portland in the Indian Ocean.
for them. her anti-piracy mission and andana
Aman is Urdu for ‘peace’
“This was an excellent example Atherstone, Grimsby and Diligence ence
(Obviously – Ed). It’s also the name
of how to run an exercise,” made for the Gulf.
of a biennial international exercise
enthused Atherstone’s CO Lt Cdr “Aman was, without doubt, a bt, aa
organised by the Pakistanis.
Matt Bowden. “Pakistan provided huge success,” said Portland’annd’s s
Portland led a small British
fi rst-class training and support CO Cdr Tim Henry. “The ability abiliilityit
task force – minehunters HMS
for all the mine countermeasures to operate with each other – er r – –
Atherstone and Grimsby, supported
participants.” demonstrated during the sea seas
by RFA Diligence – as the navies
Meanwhile, back aboard phase – is vital if we are all to alla toto
of a dozen nations gathered in
HMS Portland… The frigate was work together to ensure the safe saafe f
Karachi for the preliminaries.
expected to demonstrate her skill passage of merchant shipping and g aand nd
There the Devonport-based
at counter-piracy operations and trade in this region – and around oundu d
warship found an old friend, Type
protecting maritime infrastructure the globe.”
21 frigate HMS Avenger – now PNS
(as were all the other vessels Portland arrived for Aman after afteteer r
Tippu Sultan and Portland’s host
involved in Aman 09). her ‘operational stand-off’ – a– – a a
for the duration of the exercise.
For the gunnery exercise, chance for some of the ship’hipipp’s’s
Aman began with a series of
the ‘killer tomatoes’ – huge red company to let their hair down or wnwn or o o
‘getting to know you’ events in the
infl atables – were wheeled out relax with family, and a chance for ce ffor oor
Pakistani port from receptions and
and promptly shredded by the the ship herself to undergo some some e
cultural events to holding tours
combined fi repower of the fl eet. much-needed maintenance.
and sporting fi xtures.
Aman reached its climax with For the first time in more than thaann
With the preliminaries dispensed
an international fl eet review and six months, many of Portland’annd’’ss
with and all plans for the war
fl ypast in front of Pakistan’s systems were switched ofoff f
games fi xed, the multi-national
Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar. allowing engineers to give them a em am a
fl eet headed out to sea.
“To be part of the main fl eet good servicing.
For the Brits, Aman was
review was a very special Those not involved in thethhe
business as usual – the emphasis
experience – many sailors have maintenance work succumbed to ed dd to to
of the exercise was, as the Chief
never seen so many ships at sea Dubai’s many temptations – scuba cuuba bab
of the Pakistani Naval Staff
in formation before,” said Lt Cdr diving, adventurous training, even eveen n
Admiral Noman Bashir explained,
Mark Hocking, Portland’s weapon a few days in the desert living ivinng
on “combating and countering
engineer offi cer. with locals and ‘sandboarding’diinng’
all illegal activities, particularly in The exercise was capped by (snowboarding but with sand, not
, nnot ott
the north Arabian Sea – gateway a ‘cameo appearance’ from the snow).
specialist legal advice
to the hub of the world’s energy American fl at-top USS Theodore You didn’t have to go out into into
resources.” Roosevelt which appeared right the desert to see sand, howeverwevever..
The admiral was delighted by at the very end to take part in the Quite a lot was deposited ond od on
to forces personnel
the sight of a wealth of ships fi nal photoshoot. Portland. Half-way through herherhee
before him: “Your presence not Even then, however, Aman 09 maintenance spell a sand storm storm
only shows our common resolve was not quite over. The ships whipped up and left a layer of er of
to promote peace but also speaks
Suffered a Military Injury?
returned to Karachi for a fl ag- fine yellow dust on the Type 23’23’s s
of our commitment and efforts lowering ceremony, extensive upper decks.
We deal with all types of injury claim involving
towards this common goal.” debriefi ng and (best of all) a food Also a hive of activity on the n the
the military.
Hunt-class HMS Atherstone and culture show. Dubai quayside was the recently-entllyy-
We can assist you with your claim under the (pictured below with Diligence) and The food? Traditional dishes arrived QE2.
new AFCS and advise you on whether to Sandown HMS Grimsby linked from all the participating nations so The liner is (slowly) beingbeingngg
pursue your claim in the civil courts under our
up with the Pakistani and French British, Malay, French, Pakistani, converted into a luxury hotel and andd
‘no win no fee’ specialist military legal
navies to work together by day Chinese, Australian, Bangladeshi conference facility in the emirate, irata e,
advice scheme.
on ‘shippy stuff’ – operating as a and American grub. but that didn’t stop Portland’and’n s s
group, gunnery, ship handling and And the culture? Enter Not Under sailors from being invited aboarbooarrddd
manoeuvres – and by night on the Command, Portland’s rock band the world’s most famous cruise ruise
Police Interview/
core business of mine hunting. playing to its largest audience ship.
Courts Martial
Nigel Burn and Gilbert
Blades are well known for
Nigel Burn or Tean Butcher
Bank Street, Lincoln LN2 1DR
their Courts Martial
Tel: 01522 512345 between 9am - 5.15pm
expertise throughout the
or for Military Discipline Matters only contact
UK and Europe. Nigel Burn Mob: 07775 860608 after 6pm
We can also advise on:
Employment Issues
Family Problems
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