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Raleigh rallies round
for stranded guests
● POC Leon Usher ● POC Harriett O’Neil
TEN Sea Cadets from
Norwich, Beccles and Bury
St Edmunds little realised that
they would be taking on the
elements when they travelled
to HMS Raleigh to attend a
level 2 Seamanship course.
for Leon
Leaving Norwich at 0700 on
a drizzly, damp and cold Sunday
morning, they stopped only to
pick up the three cadets from
PETTY Officer Cadet Leon Bury St Edmunds before the long
Usher has been chosen as both trek to Cornwall.
a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet and Arriving at 1600 – just in time
● LC Rebecca Callan
Naval Board Cadet for 2009. for a very welcome evening meal
To get one of these is a great
– they soon unwound with a little
achievement, so for the Hartlepool
ping pong, pool and TV.
unit cadet to bag both is a real
The week passed quickly as they
coup – though his CO declared
learnt new skills in seamanship.
him an “excellent example” to
Almost before they realised it
other youngsters.
Friday had dawned, and it was
Only six Naval Board Cadets are
time to leave – but things didn’t
selected each year from the Corps
quite go to plan.
in recognition of the outstanding
Snow arrived with a vengeance
example they have each set in
causing most of the UK to grind
● PO Lee ‘Fred’ Perry with some of the East Anglian cadets who were stranded at HMS Raleigh by heavy
their area.
to a halt, and the decision was
falls of snow
Throughout their year of office
made to remain in HMS Raleigh
they will accompany members of
for another 24 hours.
PO Lee ‘Fred’ Perry, the Senior open, so the decision was made they crossed most of the South
the Navy Board and other high-
Phone calls were made to
Drill Instructor at Raleigh, ensured to head for home – much to the of England, but the thaw had set
ranking members of the Royal
families, SCC HQ extended the
that they had a good view of the disgust of the cadets. in as the sun struggled through
Navy and Royal Marines at official
hire time of the minibus, and
parade, which was held inside one The minibus was loaded again heavy grey clouds. ● POC Matthew Dare Edwards
ceremonial occasions, and will
Raleigh SCC staff pulled out all
of the drill sheds because of the and sea-time clocked up on the The party arrived in Norwich
brief senior officers on issues of
the stops to organise meals and
weather. crossing between Devon and at 1700 – just as football crowds
importance to the Corps.
sleeping gear.
PO Perry is also a Sea Cadet Cornwall on the Torpoint Ferry. were leaving the Norwich City’s
The Lord Lieutenant of County
Then it was realised that
Instructor over the River Tamar in As they neared Exeter it was Carrow Road ground, which
Durham is the Queen’s personal
they had a rare opportunity to
Plymouth. apparent how bad the roads were, slowed progress to a crawl for the
representative in the county,
witness the passing-out parade of The following morning the with the motorway blocked except last half-mile to where Mums and
whose duties include receiving
the senior class of HMS Raleigh weather was still very cold, but for a small part of a single lane. Dads were waiting to take them into two
royal visitors to the county
trainees. there was news that the roads were The snow stayed with them as home.
and representing the Queen at
particular ceremonies, and the
Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet assists in
these duties.
108 and
does go
CPO (SCC) Stephen Harvey,
CARDIFF unit is getting used to
CO of TS Trincomalee, said: “Leon
sets extremely high standards, not still going
having high-profile cadets within
its ranks as three youngsters are
only for himself but also for others
connected with two ceremonial
to follow.
“He is a excellent example to all
the young people in the unit, and
POC Harriett O’Neil has just
finished a busy and successful year
we are all very proud of him.”
as the South Glamorgan Lord
THE Portsmouth Royal Lieutenant’s Cadet, supporting
Cream of
Marine Volunteer Cadet Corps Capt Sir Norman Lloyd-Evans in
(RMVCC) celebrated its 108th his extensive range of duties.
birthday with a parade on Harriett has handed over to
the crop
Valentine’s Day. her shipmate LC Rebecca Callan,
More than 100 cadets in full who has been chosen for the same
blues paraded the unit’s Colours position in 2009.
BOLLINGTON and Macclesfield and were inspected by Lt Cdr And completing the honours
unit’s juniors are a good crop of Alan Cronin at HMS Excellent. is POC Matthew Dare Edwards,
youngsters. And even at 108 the unit is who has been chosen as Mid
And to prove it they can boast still looking to develop – 30 new Glamorgan Lord Lieutenant’s
the Peter Gravestock trophy, recruits have just been taken Cadet for the coming year.
recognising them as the top junior on, and there are plans to gain All three recently attended the
unit in the North-West. another 30 in the coming months. investiture of the High Sheriff of
The trophy – a carved wooden Soon after the unit was also Glamorgan.
dolphin and her calf – was inspected by Lord Mayor of
presented by Peter’s widow, Lt Portsmouth Cllr Richard Jensen –
● Lt Andy Searles, Commanding Offi cer of Henley unit, with the Roddie Casement Sword
Stony response
Cdr Denise Gravestock, who was a former member of the RMVCC.
the Senior Staff Officer North
Andy’s efforts are rewarded
The Lord Mayor watched the A DOZEN new entry sailors from
West until her retirement. training activities and spoke to HMS President travelled to TS
PO Valerie Thickett, Officer cadets and staff before addressing Wild Goose in Kettering to help
in Charge Junior Division at TS the whole unit, praising them for the regional Sea Cadet sailing unit
Ardent, said the award reflected A SEA Cadet officer who breathed to have made the biggest Since then its complement has their standards and thanking them upgrade its facilities.
the hard work and dedication of new life into a fading unit has contribution to the objectives of grown to 35 and the cadets have for providing one of the Lord Around seven tonnes of pebbles
all the staff in helping to make the been rewarded for his efforts. the Corps. been successful in national sailing Mayor’s Cadets, CSM Young. were raked, shovelled and dug in
Junior Division as successful and Lt Andy Searles, CO of Henley In the award citation Lt Searles and pulling boat competitions. The unit also managed to to create a new parking area for
respected as it is. unit, has been awarded the Roddie was praised for having revitalised The riverside unit has also impress in the pool by taking the the unit’s many small vessels.
The junior sections of units Casement Sword, given annually the fortunes of a flagging unit become a RYA Training Centre honours at the Portsmouth Area Lt (SCC) Neil Hartwell said:
cater for children aged between to the CO from among more than that had just six cadets when he and is regularly praised for its VCC swimming competition, “I am very happy to have the help
ten and twelve. 400 in the UK who is considered became its CO in 2005. above-average standards. hosted by HMS Collingwood. of our colleagues in the RNR
In his nomination, Southern Area Potential recruits should – without this we would have
Officer Cdr Andy Giles praised the contact the unit on 023 9254 struggled to get this work done
high standards that Lt Searles sets 7495. in time.”
for himself and his staff.
He pointed out that the cadets
at Henley are always immaculately
turned out, well disciplined, polite
George keen on Kenya
and extremely well motivated.
The sword was passed to the
A CADET from Weston-super- include a library which we will fill,
SCC by the family of the late Capt
Mare unit is heading out on a a few school rooms, adult training
Roddie Casement, Captain of the
humanitarian mission before he rooms and a few rooms for the
Corps from 1959 to 1967.
joins the Senior Service in the homeless to stay in.
On every occasion since then
autumn. “Another option that I’m
the sword has been presented by
And 17-year-old POC George hoping to do is to work alongside
Capt Roddie Casement’s son, Cdr
Davis is now seeking sponsorship a school in Kenya and teach them
Michael Casement RN (Retd).
to help him reach his goal. about England and English life
Lt Searles said: “I am very
George, who is expecting to skills.”
proud, especially as we were enter the Navy in September, George has been learning to pay
competing against more than 400 spotted an advert for the Kenya his own way in life – he has two
units across the country. Aid Mission in a local paper in jobs, at a local corner shop and
“This is only the third time that January, and felt it would be a McDonald’s – to avoid depending
the sword has been awarded to once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. on the help of others, but on this
a unit in the south in more than “There are many different occasion he needs £900 to cover ● Members of the League of Venturers Search and Rescue organisation gather round a model of
HMS Hood at the battlecruiser’s annual memorial service at Boldre, in the New Forest. The Venturers’ 20 years. things I could do to help them, the cost of the trip, which will last
Executive Offi cer, Cdre Philip Pearce-Smith, said his group, aged between 12 and 21, is a breeding “It is not just down to me such as the construction of a for a fortnight in June.
ground for RN and RFA staff as “after fi ve years training I lose my best cadets at a time when they though. I would like to thank resource centre, which is the main If anyone can help, please
are becoming useful.” He added that one member is about to join Dartmouth while several others are everyone in the unit for helping to objective,” said George. contact George at clever_
already afl oat. The group’s aim is to help people or animals in danger or distress on land or sea. bring this about.” “This resource centre will
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