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David Clarabut DSC. FAA Pilot. Because served in ship as AB 1947-49. Aged 79. associations and Derby RNA. February 17.
of his poor eyesight he failed Dartmouth but Alan Barrett DSM. HMS Peacock Aged 84.
was accepted for the Fleet Air Arm; after Association, served in ship 1948-49. Aged Cecil ‘Harry’ Porter. AB. Served WW2 in
initial training at St Vincent he was sent to 84. Ceylon (cruiser) in Far East. Recalled Korean
We flick back through the pages of Navy News to see what stories were drawing attention
Grosse Isle, Michigan, where he fl ew solo Eric Evans. AB. Served in Vanoc 1943- War period and served in Fetlar (Isles-class in past decades...
after just eight hours, then went to Kingston, 45 under Lt Cdr Ward, Atlantic Convoys in trawler) helping in submarine exercises in the
Ontario to complete his training, fl ying in Mediterranean, and involved in sinking U392 Mediterranean. Hanworth RNA. February 13.
Harvards. He fl ew under the Thousand in straits of Gibraltar in March 1944. Aged Aged 83.
Islands bridge; and almost at the end of his 83. February 10. Arthur James Smith. AB. Served 1938-
training he was practising close formation Dave ‘Scouse’ Roberts. POREL(A). 46 in Cornwall, Nestor and Napier. Beccles
fl ying when his wingman ran into him, his Served 1959-81 in various carriers and air branch. February 11. Aged 87.
aircraft entered an uncontrollable spin and stations. Ran in Fleet Air Arm Field Gun crew Ron Cross. Served for six years mostly
he struggled to open the canopy, bailing 1962, 1966, 1969, 1972 and 1976. Aged 67. on MTBs and was part of the support convoy
out so late that hardly had his parachute January 12. for the early landings in Normandy on D-Day.
deployed than he struck the hard ice of Lake Lt Cdr Alec G Morley RNR. Served 1969- Ludlow & District RNA. January 2. Aged 84.
Ontario; he survived and hobbled ashore in 80. Weapons Electrical Offi cer, Camperdown, Bernard Muddiman. Fleet Air Arm
sub-zero temperatures and was taken in by Tay Division and attached vessels. Aged 71. Handler. Served 1954-56 with sea service in
a woodsman and his son. In 1944 he took January 29. Albion. Scarborough RNA. Aged 76.
off from the deck of Furious in one of 21 John Edward Adcock. PO. FAA Aircraft Reg Lavers. L/Tel. Served 1942-46.
Barracuda dive-bomber aircraft of the fi rst Handler. Served Eagle, Ark Royal, Bulwark, Joined Royal Arthur, Skegness. Ships include
strike of 827 and 830 NAS launched against Coventry (1982, South Atlantic). Aged 64. Frobisher, Lanka, Assegai and Braganza.
the German battleship Tirpitz on Operation Gordon Thomas Worthing. Seaman Radar Former honorary secretary, Enfi eld branch
Tungsten, he swooped lowest at 1,200ft and Operator. Served World War 2 1943-46 with and life member. Aged 85. December 4.
at 45˚ angle and dropped his 1,600lb bomb Light Coastal Forces, MGB 123 (MGB 446),
and a dense column of smoke rose higher ML 171, MTB 609. Took part in the Normandy
than his aircraft so he could only fl y through Landings before being transferred to the Far
Capt D T L Bairdow VRD* RNR
this and in all the Barracudas claimed six East aboard Enchantress with British Pacifi c
Third Offi cer E M Collins WRNS
direct hits and three probable hits. With Fleet. Present at formal surrender in Hong
Cdr F L Eddy. Served Argonaut,
several other aircrew he was awarded the Kong 1945. Coastal Forces and Normandy
Vengeance, Widemouth Bay, Harrier,
DSC for his bravery, leadership, skill and Veterans Association (Cardiff). Aged 84.
Bermuda, Ark Royal, Dryad, Saker and
devotion to duty. February 17.
Cdr Ted Ironmonger. At the age of 21 Lt Stuart William Eadon RNVR. Joined
Cdr W A E Hall. Served Dorsetshire
he obtained his amateur radio transmitting the RN at Royal Arthur in 1942 as a supply
Blackmoor, Haydon, Stork, Crispin, Dryad,
license and awarded the call sign G8PO and rating. Served in Berwick (Russian convoys),
Salisbury, HMAS Kuttabul, Victory and
these skills led him to join the RN prior to Formidable (landings at Salerno). Joined
WW2 and served in Cerberus and Vanguard in Indefatigable as Sub Lt at the end of 1943
Capt T A Haydock RM
the Atlantic, Pacifi c and Far East Campaigns serving on her for the attacks on the Tirpitz,
Lt D Hudson. Served Pembroke, Tamar
also at Mercury. After the war he was oil installations at Sumatra, and as part of
and Rothesay.
seconded to the Australian Naval Offi ce and the British Pacifi c Fleet for the invasions of
Surg Vice Admiral I L Jenkins CVO.
in 1962 he received the OBE in recognition of Okinawa. Author of two books – Sakishima,
Served Centurion, Naval Hospitals Haslar
his outstanding service in the development which told his and other shipmates’
and Gibraltar and MoD London.
and effi ciency of radio and radar technology. experiences on board Indefatigable during
Cdr J L I McCann RD* RNR
After leaving the RN he joined the Admiralty the Far East Commission and Kamikaze
Lt Cdr A G Morley RNR
Signal and Radar Establishment where he which in part was a response to his fi rst book
Cdr T M Myles. Served Condor, President
co-ordinated the installation of special radio from over 220 men representing 60 ships of
and RNAW Llangennech.
equipment into merchant ships brought the British Pacifi c Fleet. All profi ts from both
Lt P J Pope. Served Anzio, Drake,
into service for the Falklands war. He had books went to Naval charities. Life member
Caledonia, Hydra, Chichester and
● Prime Minister Harold Wilson enjoys a half-pint in the Senior Rates Mess with mess president
many technical articles published in radio of the HMS Indefatigable Association. Aged
magazines. January 21. Aged 91. 86. March 7.
Cdr J R Pritchard DSC. Served Nubian, PO Cromwell during one of his many visits to HMS Fearless during his premiership
Eric ‘Smudge’ Smith. Served 1945-54 in
Duchess, Highlander, Vidette, Burwell,
Aisne, Chequers and at Palestine. Assisted
ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION Lancaster, Ajax, Peregrine, St Angelo,
April 1969 April 1979 April 1989
Navy News with reader enquiries over many
Thomas Beales. Served WW2 as a Barrosa, Maori, President and Bellerophon.
years. December 21. Aged 80.
Leading Stoker in Knaresborough Castle. Surg Cdre J W Richardson. Served
Derek ‘Delboy’ John Hill. CPO RFA
Past standard bearer for Thurrock branch. Daring, President and Naval Hospitals
ASSAULT ship HMS Fearless CARRIER HMS Bulwark FIERCE weather saw the SAR
Cook. February 12. Aged 56.
Aged 82. January 30. Haslar, Plymouth and Gibraltar.
Gary William ‘Bill’ Knapp. LEM. Served
Christopher Shellard. L/Seaman Radar. Lt Cdr P R S Tailyour VRD* RNR
got a last-minute call to host was commended by Cdr crews of 771 NAS involved in
1957-67 in Newcastle, Centaur, Bellerophon,
Joined St Vincent and served 1952-65 in Lt Cdr L Warren. Served Collingwood, prime minister Harold Wilson Prince of Wales during the three dramatic sea rescues
Trafalgar, Lion and Ashton. HMS Newcastle
HMS Implacable, Drake, Carisbrooke Castle, Belfast Scorpion, Contest and Dorsetshire.
and his party on board during recommissioning ceremony saving many lives over just two
Association and Ton-Class Association.
Cumberland, Harrier, Eagle, Dryad, Loch
LST & LANDING CRAFT ASSOCIATION his visit to Nigeria. Fearless cut for its new anti-submarine role. days. After taking a man from a
February 16. Aged 71.
Alvie and London. Secretary and newsletter
D Beal. Served on board LCP(L) 127,
Derek Dawson. A/PO Air Mech(E) former
editor Southern Ontario RNA. January 18.
LCP(L) 268 and Tormentor. November 29.
short a refit at Malta and went The aspect that particularly Spanish trawler to hospital the
LA Pilot’s Mate. Served in 728, 736, 737, 766
Aged 72.
D Gooding. Served on board LCT 754
on to Lagos via Gibraltar. The drew the Prince’s attention? duty crew were called out to a
and 804 NAS and in Glory (Korea), Seahawk,
Terrance Somerville. ERA3. Joined as
and LC 1104. December. sailors saw little of life ashore “It’s the cleanest hangar I’ve ship which had gone aground –
Falcon, Kestrel, Blackcap, Gamecock,
Artifi cer Apprentice at Fisgard and served
R G Braybrooke. Served on board LCTs.
Gannet and Fulmar. 14th Carrier Air Group
1950-64 in Caledonia, Vanguard, Theseus,
January 27.
as the Nigerians insisted that ever seen,” he said. The ship’s four of the crew were winched
Association. February 10. Aged 79.
Warrior, Grapple Squadron (Christmas
W H Poole. Served with LCS(M) Flotilla
the matelots should be back hangar had been modified to to safety, but unfortunately a
John Henry Davis. Air Mechanic FAA.
Island), Osprey, Scarborough, Sultan and
904 and Chinkara. January 30. on ship by 7pm. The assault provide a home for Sea King fifth slipped and fell to his death.
Last served Arbroath NAS around 1945.
Victory Barracks. Southern Ontario branch.
C Brookes. Served on board LCI(L)s
February 10. Aged 84.
January 18. Aged 75.
502 and 511 and Lochinvar and Shrapnel.
ship was in the Mediterranean helicopters (no longer famed Next day brought a call-out to a
Albert Hudson. PO Air Fitter. Served
Anthony ‘Tony’ Bashford. Best
bolstering NATO maritime for their cleanliness among listing merchant ship off Jersey,
1943-46 joined as a Stoker in Duke becoming
remembered as ‘Dilly the Clown’ a musician
Maurice Hillebrandt. Served on board strength in the region. Naval circles – Ed). plucking 16 men from the sea.
a mechanic then trained on aircraft engines
and childrens entertainer. Southern Ontario
LCT 959, Braganza and Lizard. March 1.
at RAF Hednesford repairing air craft with
branch. January 18. Aged 84.
3 Spitfi re Squadron at RAF Holmsley, fuelled
Arthur Douglas Smith. WW2 veteran. HMS ORION ASSOCIATION
bombers for D-Day then special training
Southern Ontario Branch. February 11. Aged Ed Jones. Supply & Secretariat aboard
for Typhoon and Tempest engines (Napier
88. 1946. October 10.
Sabres) serving at RAF Beaulieu and RAF
Albert ‘Bert’ Henry Woods. ME (Stoker). Norman Fox. Stoker Mechanic HPE 1st
Nabberley. Served in Striker, Arctic convoy
Served 1943-47 in submarines; was in Spur Class aboard 1946-47. November 24.
and the Pacifi c; mentioned in dispatches
during WW2 when a U-boat was captured Joe Byrne. Stoker aboard 1942-44.
after lodging his leg under the tail wheel of an
and was present when the U-boat fl eet was December 24.
aircraft and successfully turning it to prevent
scuppered off Ireland after the war. City of
it from going over board and spent three
Glasgow branch. February 6. Aged 82.
D R ‘Doug’ Barratt. PO TD2. Served
weeks in hospital. February 8. Aged 83.
Arthur Pycock RM. Served aboard
in submarines 1941-50 in H31, P615,
Ken ‘Lou’ Costello. WO AA(O). Former
Cleopatra and Bermuda also in the Suez
Telemachus, Alderney, Tantalus and RG’S’.
Fleet Chief and Holbrook boy. Served 1939-
Campaign 1956. St Helens Royal Marines
London branch. Aged 88.
73. Apprentice RAF Cosford, Halton, and
Association and RNA. Aged 78.
S R ‘Stanley’ Bracken. CPO EA. Served
Caledonia. First Rodney Division Aircraft
James ‘Jim’ Harper. Served 1942-46.
in submarines 1942-46 in H28, Stoic and
Apprentices. Served various air stations
Joined at 18 and as a signalman served at
Truant. Dolphin branch. Aged 87.
including Lossiemouth and HMAS Albatross
Greenock. Drafted to Battler but arrived
G ‘Gerald’ Horner. Stoker 1. Served in
(Australia), Falcon (Malta), ships Speaker
too late and she had sailed (the ship never
submarines 1943-46 in Unison, Unbending Once Navy Always Navy
(escort carrier), Ark Royal, Albion, Ganges,
returned); escorted Russian convoys in
and Seadevil. Blackpool branch. Aged 84.
Victory. HMS Speaker Association. March 1.
Brissenden and D-Day landings then GPO
J ‘John’ Johnstone. PO(MID). Served in
Leonard Charles Wager. Volunteered
tower, Singapore. Letchworth branch.
submarines 1940-44 in Proteus and Umbra.
for the RN in 1941, joining minesweeper
February 2. Aged 84.
Scottish branch. Aged 90.
Fitzroy in April until she was sunk by a mine
Cyril ‘Squib’ Cooke. World War 2 rating
A R ‘Tony’ Miller. CPO REL. Served
tZat tZe Associa�ov  oesW
in May the following year. Then volunteered
Seaman branch (AZDECS). Served on
in submarines 1962-74 in Alliance,
for combined operations, led by Lord Louis
Atlantic and Malta convoys and Abercrombie.
Thermopylae, Otus and Onslaught. Gosport
Mountbatten, where he served until the end
President Coventry branch; life member;
branch. Aged 73.
Supports the Royal Navy Maintains Naval tradi�ons
of the war, where he was involved with the
member of RNA from commissioning;
C ‘Chris’ Sutton. L/Tel. Served in
invasions of Sicily and the D-Day landings
number 8 Area vice president (held every
submarines 1943-44 in H43 and Templar.
Enjoys social ac�vi �es Re-unites Shipmates
on Swordfi sh Beach. Left RN in April 1946.
offi cial post in the branch except standard
Bury branch. Aged 85.
Awarded 1939-45 Bronze Star, Atlantic Star
bearer). Aged 87.
W ‘Bill’ Woodhouse. Tel. Served in
with bar, North Africa Star with bar, Italy Star,
Albert Wood. Leading Torpedoman.
submarines 1951-55 in Scorcher, Selene, Remembers the fallen Helps the disabled
Defence Medal, Victory Medal. March 4.
Served 1939-45 in Mauritius, Nelson,
Solent, Astute, Tudor and Teredo. Blackpool
John ‘Jack’ Reeks. PO(RO). Served 1942-
Cumberland and Uganda, Atlantic, Malta
branch. Aged 82.
46 in Atlantic Convoys, MV Empire Mackay
and Russian convoys also spent time in
>ooks aL er the needy Cheers up the distressed
(Mac), Implacable. Aged 85. February 25.
South Africa; veteran of the D-Day Normandy
Jack Thompson. Tel. Algerines
Robert ‘Bob’ Stephen Hirst. 43 Royal
landings. Dartford branch. January 29. Aged
Association, served in Wave. Aged 82.
Marine Commando. Served 1943-52 in WW2,
90. Stands together in Unity
January 19.
North Africa, Italy and Balkan Campaign
Jean Rayner. Associate member Norwich
John ‘Jack’ Bent. Sig. Algerines
(on islands of Brac and Vis), then served in
branch. January 24. Aged 79.
Association, served in Friendship. Aged 83.
Superb, Concorde, Comas, Cossack and
John Guy. AB. Served 1943-46 in
February 24.
Jamaica (Korea). Aged 84. February 21 in
Highlander and serving in Rotherham when
Gerard Lathwood. AB. Algerines
she accepted the surrender of the Japanese
Association, served in Rosario. Aged 82.
Gerald Wallis. HMS Peacock Association,
forces at Singapore Naval Base September
6 1945; a member of both these ships February 24.
Where are you now?
Singapore: Searching for Chief (AE) of the junior seaman’s mess in Blake’s fi rst 56 years ago, January – July 1953. Where are
Arthur Hunt, last seen in Singapore in 1964. commission who would be interested in a you now? Terry Rawe would like to hear from
Served RNAF Abbotsworth, NAMEB, Lee- reunion. In the fi rst instance contact John you. Contact Terry at or
on-Solent and Singapore. Jill Collins has Gould at or 74 write to 62B Frederick Street, Shoalwater,
news of Sgt Bray. If you have any information Springfi eld, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 Western Australia, 6169.
please contact Jill Collins, 10 Carre’s Square, 8LH. Womens Royal Naval Association:
Crown Copyright 2008
Billinghay, Lincoln, LN4 4EL or tel: 01526 RN Electrical Branch Association: Relive Seeking new members to join the association
860543. the camaraderie of the Electrical Mess. in and around the Birmingham area. Meet
Federation of Naval Associations: Join the Royal Naval Electrical Branch monthly at the Nautical Club, Bishopsgate
Full Members
Are you a member of an active Naval Association. Hundreds have and enjoy Street, Birmingham. For more information
Association? Does it hold an annual reunion? ‘runs ashore’, ‘up spirits’ and ‘great oppos’ contact the secretary, Mrs Valerie McMinn, 8 Consist of Serving and Ex-Serving members of the The Naval Service,
Many associations are no longer active at the reunions and through the newsletter. Laurence Grove, Tettershall, Wolverhampton
because of lack of membership. This is where No ‘green rubs’, ‘duty watches’ or ‘men or tel: 01902 741616 or give Ruth Dunston a
the Federation can help your association under punishment’. Not convinced? Visit call on 0121 603 5290.
WRNS, RFA,RNXS and RMAS, regardless of Rank. Any person who
to continue to function to hold a reunion the website and view HMS Mercury: Trying to trace new
in conjunction with the Federation AGM the last reunion. The next one, to be held entrants of classes T15 and R36 from HMS served in the Naval Forces of a na�on which is or was a member of the
weekend, or to join us as an individual ship’s in the South, is fi lling fast and will be even Mercury. We started training February 20,
company member and enjoy a weekend better. Details from the website or Mike 1960. Myself and another ex-sailor hope
swinging the lamp. For details please contact Crowe at or 7 to arrange a 50th anniversary reunion for
ri�sh Commonwealth.
the secretary Robbie Robson at robbie.fna@ Heath Road, Lake, Sandown, Isle of Wight, next year. Contact ex-LRO(T) M Evans, or tel: 0191 584 7058 PO36 8PG. Join now, book your place at 78a Clarendon Street, Herne Bay, Kent, Associate Members
HMS Fife: Stuart ‘Nobby’ Hall is looking the next reunion and have a tot of Pussers CT6 8LY.
for anyone in 8 mess from 1966 to 1969 with the president. The added bonus? Find HMS Daedalus 1975-77: Seeking anyone
Those in sympathy with our Objects, especially families.
that remembers him. Contact Stuart at your old Electrical Mess mates through the knowing the whereabouts of PO EL (Air) Pete or tel 00353 52 membership lists. Anderson who was an instructor in the Basic
65843. Ralph Unwin, ex ‘T’ Boats (Stand Fast Training Group at HMS Daedalus. If anyone
Gibraltar Dockyard: I would like to the Trafalgar Class): Ralph Unwin was a can help or give me a lead it would be greatly
Contact Nigel Huxtable at RNA HQ
contact my commanding offi cer whilst I was Leading Stoker on HMS Tabbard and HMS appreciated. Please contact Jim Maunder at
at Gibraltar Dockyard from 1967 to 1970. He Terredo out on the Malta Squadron 1949-53 or tel: 0117
Rm 209 Semaphore Tower, PP70, HM Naval Base, PORTSMOUTH PO1 3LT
was then Lt Cdr Paul Jewell. I believe that serving with one of our Derbyshire Submariner 913 2039.
he reached the rank of Commander. I was a members, Stoker Jack Winstanley. Ralph Survey Ship Association: Any past
dockyard civilian with the rank of Inspector lived up in Chesterfi eld where his father was or present member of ships’ company of
Phone - 023 9272 3747 E-Mail -
Radio Workshop. I would appreciate any a bookmaker. Jack Winstanley has some any RN survey ship is eligible to join as a
information on his whereabouts, e-mail photographs of Ralph’s which he would like full member. For further information, send
tebsite - www.royal-naval-associa�
address, etc. Please contact John Flood at to return but has lost contact with him and a stamped addressed envelope to: The
fl or write to 3 Samuel would like him to get in touch. Please contact Secretary SSA, 8 Grosvenor Court, 4 East
Crescent, Dynefontein, Melkbosstrand, Terry Hall if you can supply any information Lodge Park, Farlington, Portsmouth PO6
7441, Western Cape, South Africa. at 1BY or email
hnity, >oyalty, Watrio�sm and Comradeship
HMS Blake 1962-63: Seeking members HMS Implacable: Did you join 351 class, uk, or telephone 023 9279 1258.
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