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Park News
3-2-1 Penguins in 4D
London-based licensing company Entertainment Rights is to develop a 3-2-1
Penguins! franchise for 4D theatre attractions in partnership with 3DBA. Deals
Unique ride created way up high
are due to be concluded soon with partners across South East Asia and the
Middle East.
Produced by Big Idea, creator of the award-winning VeggieTales series, 3-2-
1 Penguins! follows the galactic adventures of two young kids and four space-
travelling penguins as they respond to distress calls from across the galaxy. The
successful animation series has sold 1.5 million videos to date and captured
worldwide TV audiences on the NBC, ION and Telemundo networks.
3DBA will be offering partners new and originally created
3-2-1 Penguins! content in 4D. “We are delighted to be
extending our partnership with 3DBA,”
says Mat Way, global head of live
entertainment for Entertainment Rights.
”There is a lot of comedy in 3-2-1
Penguins and with the strong space
element in the series, we have a great
platform for fantastic, immersive family
Entertainment Rights appointed 3DBA as
its key sales partner for the delivery of
The Crown Regency Hotel and Towers in Cebu, the Philippines, recently branded themed attractions last year and is
launched Sky Experience Adventure. Located on the 38th level of the hotel currently working on a number of concepts
building, the attraction comprises the first Edge Coaster from Interactive Rides of including the George of the Jungle, Casper and
Utah, USA. Finley the Fire Engine formats.
Featuring four two-seater vehicles that move 389ft around the edge of the
hotel, passengers control the tilt as they move sideways up to 65 degrees. When
this occurs they are looking straight down over 430ft at the ground below! The tilt
is controlled with two levers mounted on top of the lap bar restraint.
The Sky Experience Adventure also includes the Skywalk,
a ledge outside the 37th mezzanine
level of the hotel and Sky Observatory
viewing deck, restaurant and bar. In
2011 a second attraction from
Interactive Rides, an Inverted Centrifuge,
will be installed at the topmost part of the
building, similar to Insanity, on top of the
Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas.
Interactive Rides meanwhile has several
other Edge Coaster designs available for
client perusal.
Download the digital issue of this magazine
at and see a
video of the ride in action.
MARCH 2009
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