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cobra kayaks crow Wing kayaks
based 15 minutes from the beach in gardena, california, cobra kayaks got its start in watersports
1080 Fisherman
long before its moniker included the word kayak. founder warren aitken earned his roto-molding
chops making boards for the windsurfing craze 35 years ago. when the fad died, he turned his
length Width Weight CapaCity priCe
plastics expertise over to kayaks and hasn’t looked back, producing the cobra’s flagship fishing
9’6” 30” 49 lbs 325 lbs $600
kayaks, the fish ‘n dive, back in the early ‘90s a dozen years before most of us had put the words
» the 1080 is fast and stable. Lots of storage for the serious sportsman. easy entry and exit and
fish and kayak in the same sentence.
convenient cockpit storage system for all your fishing gear.
cobra kayaks now ships kayaks worldwide from its u.s. and new Zealand factories but maintains
the feel of a small, family company with warren and glenys aitken in the cockpit. anglers appreciate
960 Pro angler
cobra’s kayaks’ value, quality, ruggedness and repairability. every boat is warranteed for life. “we
are known for excellent customer service and standing behind our product,” says glenys. for 2009
length Width Weight CapaCity priCe
cobra introduces a new expedition-worthy fishing kayak, the pro fisherman.
8’ 29” 42 lbs 250 lbs $450
» these boats are comfortable and stable for all levels of experience. easy to travel with and full
of fishing accessories.
length Width Weight CapaCity priCe
10’5” 31” 34 lbs 300 lbs $450
Delta kayaks
» this sit-on-top provides all the features of the big yaks in a package small enough for anyone to
use and appreciate. perfect for smaller, lighter paddlers. extremely stable, yet nimble and easy to
british columbia–based delta kayaks brings a northwest sensibility to its designs. this relative newcomer
handle and maneuver. price includes handles, eyelets and drain plug.
hit the water in 2005 with a 25-year head start in custom thermoforming. the company’s advanced
manufacturing techniques allow for the use of high-impact, lightweight plastics, resulting in boats that
are as beautiful to behold at as they are to use, true lookers flashing a gorgeous, high-gloss sheen.
until now known for dependable, high-volume sea kayaks boasting dry rides, the company will
length Width Weight CapaCity priCe
11’3” 31” 43 lbs 400 lbs $549
break ground in spring 2009 with the launch of its first fishing model. the intriguing catfish is a
cat of another color. delta’s mark hall calls it “the biggest thing in kayaking to hit the water in a
while.” it’s a sit-on-top catamaran designed for stability, speed, and stealth. the twin hull makes
the explorer is a perfect all-purpose boat: stable and fast with superb tracking; versatile for all
it narrower and faster than a traditional sit-on-top, yet stable, with an optional hidden rudder
sizes, shapes and varying expertise. oversized external tank well holds all types of gear. foredeck
between the hulls and a polycarbonate viewing port.—Paul Lebowitz
has space for an optional large storage hatch. price includes handles, eyelets and drain plug.
length Width Weight CapaCity priCe
length Width Weight CapaCity priCe
12’6” 27.5” n/a 400 lbs n/a
12’6” 31” 47 lbs 450 lbs $675
» a new breed of sit-on-top that’s lighter and quicker. catamaran hull is narrower than traditional sit-
» an all-around kayak similar to the explorer, but faster, sleeker and a bit longer. the longer cockpit
on-tops: a very efficient platform with enhanced stability. higher sitting position puts feet below your
is perfect for tall anglers who still want the maneuverability of a small boat. optional large or small
torso and the waterline. optional hidden rudder between the hulls and polycarbonate viewing port.
hatch. space for rod holders on the side rails. price includes handles, eyelets and drain plug.
emotion kayaks
length Width Weight CapaCity priCe
14’3” 31” 52 lbs 475 lbs $765
Glide angler
length Width Weight CapaCity priCe
» a performance kayak with excellent initial and secondary stability and a super-silent hull. ample
9’7” 28” 37 lbs 275 lbs $499
rocker provides maneuverability and stability during surf launches and landings, yet the keel design
and tracking channels provide excellent tracking. price includes handles, eyelets and drain plug.
» an affordable and lightweight, fully rigged fishing kayak at only 38 pounds. the hull of the glide
angler was designed to be stable enough to land even the largest fresh and saltwater species, but
Fish n’ Dive-XF
with added efficiency to get away from the launch into the backcountry where the big fish hide.
length Width Weight CapaCity priCe
12’6” 36” 60 lbs 600 lbs $799
Mojo angler
length Width Weight CapaCity priCe
» the fish n’ dive-Xf features a tank well that holds a trolling motor battery, a tray for bait buckets, 12’ 4” 28” 52 lbs 325 lbs $699
space for rear flush-mount or surface-mount rod holders, forward mounting areas for trolling rod
mounts, rear-facing rod mounts for jump seat users. price includes handles, eyelets and drain plug.
» the mojo is the perfect compact fishing kayak for all skill levels offering speed and stability. unique
features including a “high chair” seat, boat stabilizing heel pockets for unobstructed sight-fishing and
casting, and an adjustable console that brings a number of accessories to within arm’s reach.
length Width Weight CapaCity priCe
15’ 28” 50 lbs 475 lbs $925
Grand slam/
Grand slam angler
» this boat offers efficiency and speed for the athletic paddler. the low profile hull cuts down on
length Width Weight CapaCity priCe
windage. the integrated keel provides stability and holds a straight course even in choppy water.
14’ 5” 30” 69 lbs 450 lbs $799/$899
rudder optional. price includes one 10” round hatch, one “a” hatch, handles, eyelets and drain plug.
» a great seller in its debut last year, based on feedback from hundreds of fisherman, features
increased hull speed without sacrificing stability, plus extra dryness and storage capacity. the
angler version comes with two recessed rod holders, one adjustable rod holder, and an 11” x 15”
Pro Fisherman
New recessed console hatch.
length Width Weight CapaCity priCe
13’ 6” 29” 51 lbs 450 lbs $899
stealth angler
length Width Weight CapaCity priCe
10’ 3” 30” 44 lbs 325 lbs $629
» ideal for long fishing expeditions, the pro fisherman is 12 inches longer, and narrower and » this fishing kayak sports the perfect combination of speed and stability. our fishing pros reported
lighter, than the fish n’ dive. this means a fast, maneuverable kayak for more challenging seas. that as soon as they paddled this boat they knew they had a great “pocket fishing kayak,” hence the
includes a large center hatch, second hatch behind seat, covered side pockets. rudder $300. name. this short sit-on-top comes with rod holders and an oversize tank well to hold a milk crate.

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