Bofa International has introduced fire mitigation technology to protect growing investment in high temperature fibre laser systems. The company’s new FireBox models and

innovative spark arrestor provide inline protection for laser coding and cutting systems in fast-moving consumer goods markets, as operators increasingly adopt fibre technology to benefit from being able to code onto metallic surfaces. Fibre lasers penetrate deeper into base metal, however, and without effective extraction technology, un-oxidised particles can gather around the laser area. To address any potential issues, Bofa

has developed the FireBox GA for general applications, and the FireBox MA for metal applications, a self-extinguishing inline pre- filtration system positioned before the fume extraction unit. The FireBox incorporates a temperature

controller that automatically switches off extraction system power and closes electronic valves should the pre-set ambient temperature be exceeded by 10°C. If the temperature

Falcon Active Speed Door

Lasermet’s new Falcon Active Speed Door is a fast industrial, laser-safe, roller shutter door fitted with the firm’s Laser Jailer Active Laser Guarding feature. The interlocked laser is enabled only when the door is closed. For laser automation applications, the door’s active laser guarding system comprises flexible circuits that are monitored by the laser interlock controller. If a laser strikes the guarding system covering the door, the laser is switched off virtually immediately. The new door is insulated, secure and

resistant to wind loads of Force 12. It is ideal for manufacturing and laser processing


Field-replacement CO2 laser lenses

A full line of OEM compatible, field-replacement CO2


lenses has been introduced by Laser Research Optics. The new lenses are offered

in a variety of sizes with focal lengths from 1” to 25” in 0.5” increments to allow lasers to make sharper cuts with fewer passes. They are ideally suited for use in rotary etching lasers. Suitable for use in laser from

Epilog, Kern, Trotec, Universal, and Vytek, Laser Research’s CO2

laser lenses come in 0.5” to

1.5” sizes, have 40-20 scratch-dig surface quality and under 0.2 per cent absorption

values to keep them cooler. Laser research optics has

also released a line of CO2 laser

lenses that can be supplied in aluminium mounts for smaller engraving and marking laser systems. Drop-in field replacements, these lenses come in 1/2” and 1” sizes and are available with focal lengths from 1” to 10” at 0.5” increments. These lenses also provide under 0.2 per cent total absorption, are offered

with coatings to match specific phase and polarisation requirements, and are suitable for lasers from Epilog, Trotec, and Universal.


PowerLine E 8 QT

rises another 10°C, then the integrated fire extinguisher will be activated. In addition, the firm’s new Spark Arrestor 2

prevents potentially damaging incandescent particulate from entering the fume extraction unit by transporting the particulate through specially designed impingement plates until it drops into the removable drop-out chamber. The FireBox and Spark Arrestor 2 can be used as stand-alone units in line with the extraction system, or can be combined to offer exceptional protection, dependent upon the process and assessed risk.

Coherent’s new marking sub-system, PowerLine E 8 QT, features a powerful 8W UV laser to enable high-speed marking of polycarbonates, plexiglass, PMMA and other plastics. The system combines modular, high-performance scan optics and a sophisticated software interface to deliver significant operational flexibility. This enables implementation of tasks such as 3D marking on curved surfaces, on-the- fly marking, engraving and serialisation. The ability to rapidly produce a high- contrast mark on a wide variety of clear and coloured plastics makes the PowerLine E 8 QT an attractive choice for supporting microelectronics, medical products, automotive, packaging and appliance production.

applications, as well as for both indoor and outdoor logistics that have frequent high- speed traffic.


InnoLas has introduced its new Dividos system, a depaneling solution for the PCB and EMS industry. The new system is said to be able to meet all future requirements in the laser depaneling of rigid, ridge-flex and flexible PCBs. It is able to separate materials with exceptional throughput, without the typical concerns for residue as is found with other processes. In ‘Full Cut’ mode, the system can achieve

up to 30 per cent efficiency gains on PCB separation compared to other depaneling systems. In addition, introducing a second galvanometer to the system can double its throughput capability. Another advantage of the Dividos is its ability to process substrates up to 457 x 457mm with an accuracy of 50μm. All InnoLas Solutions systems are Industry

4.0 capable and can be operated with all common data interfaces.


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