Waters’ Empower is one of many products in a suite of informatics solutions that convert scientific data into useful information to drive your business success. Managing regulatory

Wega is a service provider with specialisation in life science, pharma and healthcare. Due to their combination of business, process and IT know-how, they are able to fulfil their demanding mission of ‘building the bridge between business and IT’. The company offers

comprehensive, sustainable and high-quality 360° services. Employees have professional and technical qualifications and many years of experience. Their expertise ranges from laboratory and research

environments to clinical development, healthcare, quality control and computer system validation. In addition, they specialise in the development of industry- independent software solutions, added to by an excellent and constantly growing network of highly- specialised freelancers. With more than 25 years

of experience and a very high level of customer satisfaction, wega is one of the most established and renowned service providers in this area.

compliance and security are some of your lab’s biggest challenges. Empower 3 provides a simple, yet comprehensive, interface for system management. The software guides the

system administrator to ensure the system is configured to comply with regulatory requirements across all industries. Waters NuGenesis SDMS, the

automated data repository and foundation of the NuGenesis Lab Management System, automatically imports diverse data generated by instruments, scientists, and outside sources into a centralised data repository. This information can easily be searched, communicated and shared among scientists and team

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Augmented Analytics in R&D DataStories

We live in a time of unprecedented innovation. Product design cycles keep getting shorter, personalized and custom products are becoming the norm and external requirements are changing constantly.

Data integrity: Audit tails with ease of review By Thermo Fischer Scientific

Learn about the Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ CDS audit trail controls, the regulatory requirements and guidance that they pertain to, and how Chromeleon CDS will ease the review of audit trails.

members. Waters NuGenesis Lab Management System uniquely combines synergistic data, workflow and sample management capabilities to support the entire product life cycle from discovery through to manufacturing. The software readily adapts

to your organisation’s existing informatics environments, facilitating software integration and standardisation without the complex, costly, and time- consuming deployments often encountered with traditional information management solutions.

About 30 solutions providers, from well-known international leaders to new innovative companies, will be present at the event. Their involvement ensure registration is free.

This year’s Paperless Lab Academy is the seventh edition of the learning platform


How the Internet of Things Validates the Lab of the Future By BIOVIA

Imagine a laboratory in the future where all devices and instruments communicate their status, activities and data with each other and with enterprise information systems. Data would be acquired without manual intervention.

ADAS Simulation Under Severe Vibrations By Altair

Automotive radars are becoming standard equipment on vehicles, with several antenna architectures being used to cover the different safety functions in complex chassis environments and where the side effects become more significant on radar performance.

Enabling data integrity from drug discovery through manufacturing By Thermo Fisher Scientific

There’s no aspect of quality control quite as complex as keeping up with regulatory guidelines.

Ultra-Fast, High-Fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics on GPUs for Automotive Aerodynamics By Altair

Altair ultraFluidX™ is a simulation tool for ultra-fast prediction of the aerodynamic properties of passenger and heavy-duty vehicles as well as for the evaluation of building and environmental aerodynamics. *Registration required


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