into a data-driven knowledge centre Isabel Munoz and Roberto Castelnovo, from NL42 consulting, preview Paperless Lab Academy, taking place at Lake Maggiore, Italy, in April

options, the differences related to cloud vs traditional deployments. You’ll also find advice when addressing regulatory compliance with cloud solutions.

At the Paperless Lab Academy, we set the stage for discussions on strategies and implementation of 21st-century technologies in the laboratory. It is about discussing key milestones to generate solid business insights from the laboratory, connecting with colleagues who share similar operational issues as you have, learning about user’s case studies and how they are deployed into their processes, discovering the informatics trends from cutting-edge thought leaders, being in the know about the latest informatics tools and methodologies in a creative and productive atmosphere.

What will you learn at the #PLA2019?

The future of the laboratory in industry 4.0 Is industry 4.0 possible without adequate access to scientific data? The fourth revolution gets machines,

devices, sensors, and people to connect and communicate in an Internet of Things scenario, and they cooperatively drive production. The principles: interconnection, information transparency, technical assistance, decentralised decisions. That is the vision for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Those principles are the ones making the laboratory 4.0 of today. If a laboratory is able to focus its attention on what we like to call ‘review by exception’, then the concept of Laboratory 4.0 is born.

Demystification of the Cloud-based solutions Even though we interact daily with our personal data in the cloud from our smartphone, the cloud can be a confusing concept. It is therefore more difficult to assess the risk to implement it at work. Nowadays, there are many different offerings and solutions available. PLA 2019 will help attendees gain a clearer understanding of the different cloud

20 Scientific Computing World April/May 2019

Supporting business decisions with scientific data managem Access to the right information is key for a quick and solid business decision- making process. Connection between systems is crucial but can be irrelevant if the information can’t be found in easy and quick manner. Specific tools allow complex searches among the entire set of heterogenous data generated in a laboratory. Ontology, connectors, structured and unstructured data contextualise data and ease the search.

The relevance of a data transfer strategy when replacing solutions Legacy systems have a lifetime. Maintaining ad eternum a system that is intrinsically obsolete is not the right approach from a security point of view. The fact is that replacing informatics solutions are serious projects to put in place. How to transfer accumulated data over years requires a well-designed strategy, supported by corporate decision.

The reality of the IoLT (Internet of Lab Things)

Connecting devices, sensors and instruments of all types generates such a long list of benefits related to efficiency, data integrity, data analytics, compliance and human errors… it is difficult to understand why this part of a laboratory digital transformation project has been delayed, and instead is flagged as ‘nice to have’. Multiple solutions are available today, supported by the experiences of customers who have already gone through it. The Internet of Lab Things is a reality!

How to apply the FAIR principles and secure your data Discover what the FAIR data is and why this framework is gaining traction across industries. FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data principles are being applied to help build data catalogues, where data is much easier

“Challenging the status quo is our duty at the Paperless Lab Academy”

to find, access and integrate across large organisations. Advanced statistical methods can be applied to this framework, in order to provide advanced analytics and, ultimately, AI-like capabilities.

Why archiving is the beginning, and not the end, of a solid #eDataLifeCycle Challenging the status quo is our duty at the Paperless Lab Academy. This is why we emphasise the importance of a well-designed archiving strategy to keep your valuable data safe and reachable. Archiving is not the end of your data journey.

Practical sessions on Audit trails, data integrity, and new compliance guides Since 2015, with the introduction of data integrity guidelines and the focus on data management and security, the audit trail has become a primary focus of inspections. Understanding your audit trail and the ability to review data contained in it, is now essential to compliance. Yet the audit trail needs to be

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