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Video marketing has clearly never been more important

Video is one of the most popular content forms in the world; it enables you to tell your story in a meaningful and compelling way and connect with your audience, giving them a real insight into you and your business. With an anticipated 80% of all website traffi c consisting of video by 2021 (Cisco) it’s no surprise that the appetite for video content will continue through 2020 and beyond. Making video part of an eff ective content marketing strategy and

having a solid understanding of its purpose is key to its success, which is why the full service off ering at fi lm video specialists Clearhead can prove invaluable. Founded in 2007 by the newly graduated Gav O’Brien and Alex

Lawrence, Clearhead has benefi ted from launching at a time when video was still a relatively new concept in websites and marketing, and growing as the popularity of video grew, cementing its place in an ever-growing marketplace. “I’d like to say we’d spotted a trend and jumped

on the back of it,” said Gav, “but we were both just real fi lm and video enthusiasts with a passion for creating high-quality fi lms, and we knew we wanted to do it for a living and that the demand would just keep growing from what is was 13 years ago. “People were still to be convinced that they

needed video back then, but now it’s an absolute necessity and businesses really understand the value it adds in terms of sharing their brand personality and expertise. Add to this, the fact that many businesses are, of course, no longer able to showcase their offi ce or products and services face to face, it’s become a crucial marketing tool and a great way to remain competitive at this diffi cult time.” Convincing clients to jump on the moving image

bandwagon is slightly easier now than it was a decade or so ago, and it’s been made easier by the fact that the Clearhead team has expertise across the whole marketing spectrum. Gav is particularly passionate about supporting new and, where possible, local talent and his motto is ‘transparent,


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skilful and helpful’ - values which are shared and celebrated by every one of their multi-skilled in- house team. This depth of expertise and world-class

reputation has secured Clearhead projects with some of the biggest named brands including Sony, Cadbury and iCandy, and Gav and the team pride themselves on their ability to adapt to a client’s unique needs, whether that be a large blue-chip company or a small independent business. Many specialist film and video companies

would normally be commissioned to produce content that feeds into marketing teams at large brands or into creative agencies, the approach at Clearhead, however, is built around using fi lm to grow a client’s brand. Based at the agency’s new headquarters in the

recently refurbished Hat House in Luton, Creative Chemistry is the collaborative side of Clearhead, off ering brand and marketing consultancy, content and campaign strategies, creative development, market and customer research and customer journey mapping. Gav explained: “Although we are specialists, we

also believe that we have the marketing knowledge to give our clients the guidance they need so that if they’re going to invest in premium fi lm content, they are doing it right and they’re going to get the best possible return. “Our process is unique and I would say that

the fi rst 70% of the time working on the project is on ideas and planning and really understanding what the client wants to achieve and how we can get them there. Some people are surprised by that,

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