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2-3 Solar Orbiter Takes a

Battering The European Space Agency’s solar orbiter is undergoing severe environmental testing in preparation for launch.

5 Accurate industrial noise

6 Fast on-demand Ground Monitoring

On-Demand cloud-based service adds ground vibration to noise and environmental monitoring using connected ground terminal.

9 More Degrees of Freedom for HALT Six Degree of Freedom electrodynamic vibration testing gives more options for Highly Accelerated Life Testing in the automotive industry.

10 Back to Basics on

Accelerometer Selection HBM provides some basic advice on how to make an informed selection of appropriate accelerometers for vibration testing.

13 Demolition Holds Back the

Tremors London construction company uses ground vibration sensors to monitor vibrations during demolition work.

14 Technology events Important dates for your diary.

16 VTEC Facility Puts Buses

Through Their Paces Automotive test house beefs up its climatic facilities for air quality and emissions testing to meet the requirements of larger commercial vehicles.

19 Mega-Test for Micro-Satellites Low cost satellite undergoes testing including solar, vibration, EMI and thermal vacuum tests.

20 Fixtures for Shakers Environmental testing expert provides some insight into fixturing design for vibration testing

23 Company Guide A 5-page guide to Test Houses and equipment suppliers.

28 France Opens Seismic

Testing Centre French facility adds large seismic bench to its existing climatic and vibration test facilities for assessing large equipment in the nuclear industry.

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measurement Software allows analysts to make accurate assessments of industrial noise levels.

The source guide for engineers, scientists and technicians

Public and private sector cooperation could yield significant UK growth in the re-emerging space industry.

participants in the sector, Government organisations and global giants in the space industry, the conference concluded that the UK has a significant contribution to make in the global space boom that’s set to accelerate its worth to £400 billion by 2030. With the UK already hosting such prominent companies as Lockheed


Martin, Oxford Space Systems, Airbus Defence & Space and others, the basis is there for building a network of expertise and facilities for the whole supply chain. According to Graham Peters, the UKspace Catapult chairman, it will be a challenge to compete in the sector with the USA, China, India and Russia all putting enormous resources into space technology but in some areas of the space sector including satellite infrastructure, global positioning and automated intelligence, the UK’s expertise is recognised around the world. Working within the structure of InnovateUK, such catapults as UKspace and the Satellite Applications Catapult are looking to form a national space skills initiative to deliver the people with the right skills to take advantage of growth in the sector.

TEST COVERAGE In this issue, we have two stories covering testing of the European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter and York Space Systems’ low-cost re-usable spacecraft, both of which are examples of the very detailed requirements for environmental testing in the space industry. The UK is home to some of the world’s most advanced climatic chambers, vibration testing facilities and other environmental testing technology, most of which are being used in other industries where the requirement for such testing is also increasing. According to Stuart Martin, chief executive of the Satellite Applications Catapult, there are opportunities to spin technologies from other UK technology sectors into space. At the conference, Martin mentioned satellite manufacturing, launch services and operational control but test services, product validation and the country’s expertise in environmental testing are also ripe for technology transfer into the space sector.

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Two-Day conference was held earlier this month at the UK’s Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry on the subject of growth opportunities for the UK in the space industry. Pulling together academic institutions, UK industry

UK Positions Itself for New Space Race

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