Climatic Test Facility Goes Large

Millbrook is beefing up its climatic facilities for air

quality and emissions testing to meet the requirements of larger commercial vehicles.

upgrading its facility and increasing its operational capacity to support the heavy duty and commercial vehicle industry in meeting air quality and CO2 targets. With significant investment having already gone into facilities for testing passenger vehicle emissions, Millbrook is now committed to striking the right balance and covering the full range of vehicles in the demanding test requirements


MEETING FUTURE TARGETS Passenger cars already have CO2 targets set at a vehicle manufacturer level and there has been ongoing discussion of applying a similar approach to heavy goods vehicles. The European Parliament has recently supported a proposal to set a truck CO2 emissions reduction target of 20% by 2025, increasing to 35% in 2030. Following the approach for light duty vehicle CO2 emissions targets, large financial penalties are likely to be incurred for non-compliance with the various standards and regulations imposed across many countries. The increasingly stringent targets are a substantial challenge to the industry and will require significant amounts of development, approval and monitoring. Alex Burns, President of Millbrook, said “We are committed to supporting the development of heavy duty vehicle technologies, whether our customers are targeting improvements in energy efficiency in an electric bus or reduction in truck CO2 emissions. Our experts in vehicle testing, homologation and approvals are always on hand and our facilities are world-class. Both are constantly evolving to provide more to our customers.”

VARIABLE TEMPERATURE EMISSIONS CHAMBER The new facility will supersede the existing Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber (VTEC) and will be capable of handling heavier vehicles of up to 60 tonnes

16 /// Climatic & Vibration Testing Vol 2 No. 1

ith climatic specifications on emissions testing for vehicles making their presence felt across the whole spectrum of road transport, Millbrook is now

❱ ❱ The revamped VTEC facility at Millbrook will support climatic test requirements for heavier commercial vehicles

and 4WD vehicles. The facility will be climatically controlled from -30°C to +50°C and used primarily to test buses, trucks and off-highway vehicles for emissions, fuel and lubricant performance and climatic performance. It is also designed to test electric vehicles to determine energy consumption, range and energy efficiency and to test vehicles using alternative fuels such as hydrogen, LNG and CNG for range, emissions and fuel consumption over a drive cycle.

WIDE SCOPE FOR TESTING The new facility will measure the effect on CO2 emissions of a range of technologies including the heat recovery system, retrofit emissions/energy technologies and gearbox and engine oils. It will continue to support the full range of existing schemes for large vehicles, including the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS), LowCVP’s HGV Accreditation Scheme and the UK Bus Cycle (UKBC). It will also have the capability to perform the full range of current vehicle emissions tests to determine whether a vehicle meets the strict requirements for clean air zones across Europe, such as the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), Germany’s environmental zones and the French Crit’Air air quality certificate scheme. According to the Minister for Local Growth, Jake

Berry MP, the project is a great example of putting an Industrial Strategy into action. “This strengthens industry’s response to both the Clean Growth and Future of Mobility Grand Challenges by supporting innovation in the country’s transport sector,” he says The investment builds on Millbrook’s heavy

duty vehicle emissions testing experience and will complement Millbrook’s other 4WD climatic emissions chassis dynamometers, designed primarily for light duty vehicles, its Semi-Anechoic Chamber, which has high-power and NVH test capabilities, its Large Climatic Chamber, capable of an even wider temperature range on static vehicles, its axle test stands and the test tracks at Millbrook Proving Ground, which are used for real-world emissions testing, including real driving emissions.

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