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2 & 3 Control at your Fingertips A look at the use of biometrics in automotive technology from fingerprint access control to autonomy handover readiness detection.

5 Autonomous Innovation Honda used CES 2019 to showcase its innovative approach to delivering vehicle autonomy for improved workplace mobility and road safety.

6 Mining Transport puts

Autonomy to the Test Scandinavian truck manufacturers are using mines in Europe and Australia to improve autonomous control for heavy vehicles.

9 EV Powertrain Optimisation Drive System Design details its plan for the optimisation of next-generation commercial and autonomous vehicle electric powertrains.

10 Simulation Supports

Street CAV Tests Expertise in simulation, modelling and cyber-security is accelerating the introduction of CAV testing on city streets.

13 Inequality of Protection As more driver assist systems come under test, wide variances are being discovered in just how much assistance they offer.

16 Simulated Autonomy Manufacturers can more accurataly predict driver reaction to ADAS events and autonomous intervention in a simulated environment.

19 Charging Stations go Mobile Volkswagen has introduced the concept of mobile charging stations that offer top-up capabilities away from mains power sources.

20 A Harsh Ride for

Employees Toyota takes its Genchi Genbutsu philosophy to new extremes with employees testing their products in harsh African terrains.

23 Company guide A three-page guide to Automotive Test & Validation related suppliers.

28 Hydro Truck Efficiency

Record Tests on zero emission hydrogen powered HGV engine results in record level of efficiency.

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Global survey indicates strengthening market in alternative powertrains but trust in autonomous technology weakens.

in autonomous technology has sagged from the previous survey’s 64% to just over half.


THE YOUNG GET GREENER Generally and despite the global promotion of alternative transport models, car ownership desire remains strong, especially among young people, who are showing a greater tendency to consider switching to electric and hybrid vehicles. According to ADL, this will impact engine strategies and push for faster development of EV infrastructure, such as charging stations. Of those surveyed, 58% would accept paying more for hybrids and 50% for EVs. While the majority currently have petrol or diesel-engined vehicles, this could change rapidly. Of those planning to replace their car, 48% said they’d consider an EV (BEV, hybrid or plugin hybrid), 36% a petrol-engined vehicle and only 12% diesel. ADL’s Klaus Schmitz comments, “There have been enormous changes since our 2015 study. While attachment to car ownership remains high, meaning the overall automotive market will remain stable, the switch to alternative drivetrains and new mobility options will disrupt manufacturers, with EV driver demand exceeding currently planned capabilities and infrastructure readiness.”

LOW TRUST IN AUTONOMY At the same time, trust in autonomous vehicles has weakened. Just over half of drivers are now saying they would use full autonomy, down from 64% in the 2015 survey. Personal data concerns within autonomous and connected driving are rising. 59% of US drivers say data security worries would prevent them using advanced autonomous driving functions. According to ADL’s Wolf-Dieter Hoppe, drivers in all countries except

China are becoming much more sensitive about private data. In the long run, protecting this data will become a key competitive differentiator for manufacturers and providers of mobility systems. Automotive research organisations both in the UK and abroad

have recently become more involved in the cyber-security aspects of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle, including HORIBA MIRA, which has set up its own cyber-security testing centre of expertise.

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ccording to a recent study undertaken by Arthur D Little (ADL) amongst 8000 drivers in 13 countries, there is an increase in willingness to purchase hybrid and electric vehicles whilst trust

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