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Small changes to make summer to to take your home from winter

Tenants in Wales reveal most

desirable attributes

in a rental property A home being pet-friendly is the most desirable attribute in a rental property, according to research by buy-to-let focussed marketplace lender, Landbay. The study delves into the psyche of 2,000 private renters in the UK, offering insight to landlords on the wants and needs of their tenants.

The research found that nearly one-in- seven (14%) renters in the UK rated ‘pets being allowed in the property’ as their most important requirement. In Wales the most desirable is also pets allowed in a home, at 20%. The most pet-friendly region is the North East (27%), and the least is London, with just 3% rating it top of the list. Women are more than twice as likely (18%) as men (8%) to prioritise a pet-friendly property.

Warm jumpers and pumpkin spice latte season is just around the corner, meaning that there’s nothing better than snuggling up under a blanket or duvet when it’s freezing outside. However, the transition from summer into winter temperatures can be a task in itself and you may be stuck for ideas on how to make your room seem that bit cosier. The experts at have come up with the following top tips to make your home the best hibernation spot this winter…


Consider switching up your lightweight summer curtains for some thicker ones to trap in heat and allow plenty of opportunities for light to bounce around the room. Perhaps try some sheer curtains along with some blinds to save your privacy in the evenings whilst letting in as much natural light as possible during the day.

Ambient lighting Longer, darker nights can often have a detrimental effect on our moods, but with some clever lighting this can be easily combatted. Lighten up your home and in turn your mood by introducing some dramatic lights; tall floor lamps help to brighten up a dark corner, whilst small table lamps can help illuminate your room whilst maintaining a cool, cosy feel to the room.

Get creative

Cooler air can sneak in through the tiniest of gaps in your home, instantly creating an unwanted draft. Use spare piping or foam insulation as a draft excluder or maybe make your own with a bit of fabric and some toy stuffing. Keeping drafts out is a super simple way to keep your house warm and cosy even on the coldest of nights, as well as keeping your energy bills down.

Pad out your floors

Even with under floor heating, tiled and wooden flooring can feel cold and bare and you may be craving that soft, snug feel of carpets when the temperatures drop. Add a light coloured rug to add light and bring warmth to your room. Match this to your room’s colour scheme and get ready to kick back and curl up for a cosy night in.

6 Pillows and throws

An unwanted addition in the sticky summer months, pillows and throws are essential for a quiet night in in front of the TV. Layer up your sofas with a mixture of chunky knits and soft cushions, ready for you to sink into after a long day at work.

Faux fur or woollen throws are perfect for snuggling under, whilst also making your room look stylish and comfortable during the daytime.

Don’t forget about your bedroom One of the best things about winter is wrapping up in bed when it’s freezing outside. Prepare for these below zero nights by switching up your duvet for a feather duvet for extra warmth. Additionally, switch up your light summer bedding for slightly warmer materials such as fleece or brushed cotton. If this still isn’t warm enough, cosy up with a soft blanket or quilt, simultaneously making your room look that little bit more stylish.

The second most popular attribute in Wales is an unfurnished property, followed by access to a garden. In the UK, a home which is unfurnished comes second, with 12% of renters saying this is the most desirable attribute. Perhaps tellingly, renters aged 55 and above (22%) are five times more likely to consider an unfurnished property as crucially important than those aged between 18 and 34 (4%). A garden was also third in the UK, with 11% of renters rating outdoor space as their most important attribute. Parents (15%) are more than twice as likely to prioritise a garden compared to non- parents (7%.)

Having a dryer came bottom of the list of most desirable attributes in the UK with just 1% of renters considering it key to their home. A king-sized bed, a balcony, and a dishwasher also polled just 1%. In Wales, the bottom three were a balcony, en-suite bathrooms, and king-sized beds. Deborah Mudway, Director, Landbay comments: “This will make interesting reading for landlords, who could be forgiven for believing little luxuries like a dishwasher, dryer and even a king-sized bed make all the difference for tenants. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

“Landbay is investing in a research series to help landlords understand tenants and opportunities within the private rental sector. This edition shows renters value two key attributes above all others that are fundamentally free to bring in. In short, they want to make their property feel like home by bringing both pets and their own furniture with them. The reality is, aside from a deeper clean at the end of a tenancy, this really isn’t hard for landlords to implement. “Essentially, landlords knowing what renters want can make for a happier, more prosperous relationship which benefits both parties in the long run.”

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