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YOUR HOROSCOPE FOR 2020 By Quinn ARIES (March 21st to April 19th)

2020 is going to be very sociable year with lots of invitations showering upon you from all directions. You will have to discriminate carefully, which you accept and which you refuse. One thing is very certain, you won‘t be able to be everywhere at one time. Emotionally the year could be a tense one. Your partner or closest friend will be up and down, and unfortunately you will seldom be totally co-ordinated. If you exercise patience however you should be able to overcome these difficulties.

On the financial front, you should encounter true stability. It will be due to your inherent caution of course, but that‘s no bad thing especially under the present climate. Better safe and sure, than constantly awaiting the worst.

At home things will tick over much as they do at present. Security matters should give you pause for thought and rightly so. It would never do to become complacent nor would you forgive yourself if any intruder entered purely because of your negligence. Generally speaking, if you organise your life rigidly, you will achieve all you set out to - and lose nothing on the way.

TAURUS (April 20th to May 20th) For you, the coming year will be one of change tempered with a renewal of old acquaintanceships. It could be you have a hankering for past associations that left you with some of your happiest memories. The changes could be of location, they could, on the other hand, be of occupation. Combine the two, and you could be in for rather more than you bargained for. Emotionally you will find yourself in something of a hiatus. You have probably drawn an irritating relationship to a timely end but without replacing it satisfactorily. What you must guard against here is trying to hasten the establishment of a new liaison by your own efforts. Providence will take care of the matter to your best advantage if you can only force yourself to allow it to do so. This will be difficult because you are a forceful and self-confident person who seldom relies upon the efforts of outside agencies. Health and finance are rather strangely bound together this year. The bearing one has upon the other is very much a matter of bodily energy and enthusiasm. A sensible regime in your day-to-day activities should ensure the requisite force necessary to push your requirements to a satisfactory conclusion.

GEMINI (May 21st to June 21st) For you the year holds not a few surprises. You will have to have an adjustable set of values because as circumstances change so too will your attitude to them. Emotionally you will pass through several phases of uncertainty, most of them will be entirely products of your own fertile imagination. Remember, you would be far better advised to make direct communication with the object of your desire than to allow your own occasional inferiority complex to give erroneous signals.

Financially you will be in the only static area of your life. You can expect no changes for the better or otherwise. This will however, provide you with a time for consolidation and rationalisation and no effort should be made to do otherwise.

It is a possibility someone you think you should trust, has a proposition for you. Do think long and hard before making a commitment. Sometimes people are not all they seem on the surface and even those with long years of experience with their fellow man, can be taken in. There is too, the possibility that a very close friend will want to borrow money. Here you will have to be very careful. This is the one almost certain way of losing a friendship. Lend the money by all means, but be prepared to have to insist on it being paid back on time, when of course, you could say ‘goodbye’ to the relationship.

CANCER (June 22nd to July 22nd)

The year ahead may not be all it seems at first sight. On the surface you will find life proceeding much as it always has. It is underneath the surface that activity could be detected. Like a not quite dead volcano, something is seething with the desire to get out. It may not be strong, nor may it be something you are aware of. It is there however and may not be denied. Base your every activity on the fact of this unseen energy. Allow for it to burst forth from time to time. Allow also for it to be quiet almost to the point of absence. Don’t be fooled though, it won’t have gone away. Emotionally you may not act always wisely. Your head in the coming year is definitely stronger and more reliable than your heart, so try not to get carried away. Partnerships are coming under fire soon too, so keep your wits about you in case you have to change horses mid-stream.

Financially this should be a rewarding period in your life when your skill and forethought will deliver the benefits of careful monetary control. You have managed over recent years, to cover all exigencies adequately, from now on, this should require less effort on your part.

LEO (July 23rd to August 22nd)

The coming year is one where activity and work are very importantly aspected. You will be able to see the way ahead far more clearly than hitherto and your ability to cope with a variety of situations and circumstances will make the time before you both fascinating and profitable.

During the middle of the period, you may find yourself searching for a way back to your roots. This is not going to be easy, and it may well be best to put such ideas into the recesses of your mind where they can sit, harmlessly away from the mainstream of your activities. Emotionally, the year will be stable and those to whom you are tied at the moment will still be very much in evidence throughout. The affairs of youngsters could present a few problems, but if you are prepared to take a back seat for once in your life, you will find your ever present influence will allow the individuals in question to take the steps you would approve of, with no prompting whatsoever from you. This will give them much needed self-confidence and you, tremendous satisfaction in the knowledge you have instilled a sensible outlook with little opposition from anyone.

VIRGO (August 23rd to September 22nd) This will be an unusual year for you in many ways. You will find your equilibrium is shattered on more than one occasion. There you will be, going your secure and settled way, when out of the blue, circumstances change and turn everything upside down. You must be philosophical in your attitude to all this. It is for your own good ultimately. Find consolation in the insight it gives you into the characters of those close about you. You will need supportive companions throughout these upheavals and frankly anyone being less than 100% so, should be dispensed with, or relegated to the status of mere acquaintanceship. Emotionally you will find your greatest fulfilment during this period and the stability you gain in this direction should more than compensate for everything else. Turn your attention when you have time, to the welfare of an elderly relative. It may not be your direct responsibility to take it on, but morally you really have no alternative. Be sure however any that arrangements you make are completely conducive to the happiness and comfort of the one concerned, rather than for the convenience of others.

LIBRA (September 23rd to October 23rd) The coming twelve months hold much that is fascinating for you and those around you. You will be fully occupied in several new and engrossing projects, one of which in particular may involve some travel out of the country. Your main problem will be a logistical one and this must be solved before you take a step in any direction.

Emotionally you’ll be so tied up with your activities you may well overlook the needs of your partner or close companion. This could be a grave error because you will need both the help and co- operation of this person to ensure success in all your endeavours. Include them therefore in everything, allow them to make decisions and become as closely involved as you will be. Financially things should continue on an even keel. Budgeting will be amongst your main considerations this year, remember it never does to be either profligate or complacent. If you do have any associated questions that need answering, place them firmly in the hands of your financial advisor, then forget they even exist. Be canny however, make every effort to have all relevant facts and figures at your disposal. This will cast a degree of uncertainty in the mind of anyone contemplating taking you for a ride.

SCORPIO (October 24th to November 22nd) A certain wanderlust may take hold of you mid-year, which will be most unsettling to those around you. Try to curb the urge to seek a change of scene, and concentrate instead on improving the scenery with which you are familiar.

There could be new opportunities to reorganise the working patterns of your life and at the same time enjoy greater recognition of your efforts and abilities. It is however as important to be considered a champion of outside causes as just a strong campaigner for your own interests, so demonstrate less introversion if possible. There will be several alternatives open to you on the social front. You will find invitations flooding in quite unexpectedly and all will require you and your partner to take part in some pretty strenuous activities. Don’t try to do everything. Exercise the control of choice and go only to those functions that really attract you. Health-wise you may find you are a touch under par this year. This won’t matter at all as long as you take sufficient time to rest and/or relax as and when necessary. It might help if your closest companion could be persuaded to do the same, too. The reason you may be tired after all, could probably be set beside some mutually interesting career activities.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd to December 21st) You have a number of bridges to burn in the coming year. Your life could change radically and your priorities will need to change in parallel. As if that were not enough, the structure of your family group is becoming tighter, closer and more self-sufficient, and there will be little room for friends unless they are of many, long years’ standing. You could be travelling around more than usual this year, either on that long awaited holiday or on short, more casual trips. News from abroad could affect your plans in this respect.

Economies should play a large part in your activities both on the domestic and the career fronts. Financial security should not be put at risk. Sensible conservation and re-alignment of all your resources must be forever foremost in your mind. Expenditure should be watched, money too easily spent, makes it extremely difficult to put yourself back into your previous financial position. Health and emotions are very closely bound. It will be difficult to separate the two. Neither should present too many problems as long as you’re willing to come to terms with the changes they bring to your life. Fight against either of them however, and you will find your entire year is taken up in fruitless conflict, and all your energies will be uselessly dissipated as a result.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd to January 20th) You are going through a period of great change. The year ahead especially is one during which you must come to terms with yourself frankly. Stop trying to fight fate. Your future is mapped out and you only succeed in making problems for yourself by not acknowledging this.

Emotionally you may have to re-adjust to a new set of circumstances. Younger family members may not be so dependent on you as you might wish. This is not a rejection, but a route to your own freedom. Be prepared to take several attachments into your life scheme, but don’t depend on anyone for fulfilment. Financially you may not be as secure as once was the case. This is not an immediate serious situation, but an adjustment to those investments that bring in a virtual nil return should be carefully considered. You must eliminate any risk element. Socially you will be in great demand, so concentrate on this side of your life. Be prepared to give as much as you take though, or your reputation for natural open-handedness will fade fast. Keep a careful watch on your health and relax when necessary, you will need energy to keep up with all your new activities, and enjoy them.

AQUARIUS (January 21st to February 19th) For you the coming year will bring many new aspects to your life. You will have new friends and one important new relationship. An old situation will come to an end and leave you to build a new one. New surroundings may present themselves for your delectation and the temptation to move will be great. Before you do this however, make sure the end result will be what you envisage. Emotionally nothing will be new. You will experience old and familiar twinges of uncertainty. You will have to fight to overcome these if you want to progress your interests.

Financially there should be few problems provided you adhere religiously to the plans which you have already set out in your own mind. Both in-flow and out-flow can nearly balance one another if you are canny. There is no such thing as a ‘get rich quick’ investment any more, although there never really has been. Beware therefore, of taking last minute ‘offers’ from outside sources. They will not be all they may appear. Watch your health. Don’t overdo anything, and relax regularly. This will relieve any stress that could threaten your well-being.

PISCES (February 20th to March 20th) You may have planned a rather different year to the one that will seem to unfold. This is due in part to your attitude to those on whom you depend. Try not to be so possessive. Allow youngsters especially, to have their head and you will find you are all closer as a result. You have a complex and emotional relationship with one particular member of your family from whom you have recently been estranged. This is again your fault and you ought to move heaven and earth to repair the damage before it is too late. Financially you are on a slightly sticky wicket. You have sufficient resources, but continue as you are and they could soon be dissipated. You have a responsibility to your closest companions, not to allow this to happen. Socially the world is your oyster. You should find a welcome wherever you roam. Don’t look on it all as a right however, it isn’t and such an approach will again alienate even the closest of friends. To sum up, your year will be a happy one if you can only learn to be less unbending and a lot more considerate to all those in whose company you find yourself, both voluntarily or by chance.

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